All Academies Ball


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Jun 9, 2006
Many states have or will be sending out their invitations to the All Academies Ball. This year, South Carolina's will be held on December 30th. To the new academy parents, try to make this event in your state. It is a family friendly affair. It is truly amazing to see all of the kids dressed in their finest. In most instances, Prepsters are invited as well so check with your Parent's Assoc.

I would encourage Alumni to attend as well. In our state, committee people have a hard time trying to get Alumni to realize that they are most welcome!
Hey jamzmom ... thanks. We'll be interested to see if we get an invite next year, alththough we might have to crash the party,:jerry: as we're in an area without an active :beer1: parents group, apPARENTly.

Sorry, couldn't resist. :rolleyes:

We've watched the pix of the all-academies ball in the local papers for years, and often commented how impressive that must be and wouldn't it be great if one day ours might be among those impressive young people. Well, Lord willing, maybe next year as ours has just landed his USNA appointment. :thumb: We're all pumped and feeling very blessed :angel: this Christmas.:thumb: :wiggle: :bsflagsmileyface: :rockon:

AN APPOINTMENT! SWEET! How the heck did I miss this!?!?!? I swear I've been reading everyday here. Kinda explains all the smilies gone wild! Well now. If you've no active parents assoc., organize man! You can be the new Prez! There are perks to that you know.... Anyhow, WHOOOOOOOTTTTTTTT!! Whataheckofa Xmas gift. So very very highly thrilled for you guys. sending a roll of bubble wrap to you! :groupwave:
I was just wondering is there a website that has pictures of the all acadmies ball?

I do not have immediate family in CO, but my friend's parent's are "adopting" me once they (and ultimately I) move out to USAFA. My parents gave me the okay to stay in CO for the Holidays this year, but I wanted to know if cadets/mids are allowed to go to a different state's All Service Academy Ball? :redface:
Google "All Academies Ball" "images". There are a lot out there.