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Nov 17, 2008
With the nominations to USAFA and USMA from Congresswoman Musgrave (CO - Dist. 4), I've now got nom's to the big three!

I've currently got LOA's from USAFA and USMA, so does the combination of the nom and the LOA pretty much equal an appointment, or am I still in competition?

and what about Navy? I heard that they don't give out as many LOA's. Even though I don't have one from them, does it help my case that I have LOA's from the other two?

If the only condition that needed to be fulfilled on your LOAs was the nomination, then you've got the appointment.

About Navy, I dunno... but from what I've read here, the Academies give 'special treatment' (ie - orientation weekend, LOAs, NASS, ...) to people who may get pulled in the direction of a different Academy, so - from my point of view - LOAs to USMA & USAFA could help, couldn't they?
for USMA, I still need a medical waiver, but for USAFA all I needed was the nomination.

Any details about the phrase, "virtually assured" I should know about? What would keep me from being totally assured the appointment?
Probably if you get involved in some criminal activities, catch a bad case of senioritis, develop some random illness like narcolepsy... stuff that would disqualify you most likely.
Fort Collins

are you in district 4 as well?