Allergy and Acne disqualify me?


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Feb 13, 2017
Hello. I have two questions. I have a pretty bad fire ant allergy where if I get bitten by one I get hives and my face swells up for around 5-10 minutes. Will this happen to disqualify me? In addition, how serious do they consider an acne problem for I have pretty bad acne, but never went to a dermatologist, so never was prescribed anything like Accutane. Thus, am I in the clear for passing the Dodmerb for these are the only things I have to say yes to. Thanks in advance.
Whether or not you are DQ for your allergy depends on the severity. Most likely, you will get a remedial where they request additional information and you may have to get an IgE RAST to determine the severity of you allergy.

Acne can DQ you if it meets this criteria:
Current diseases of sebaceous glands to include severe acne (706.1), if extensive involvement of the neck,
shoulders, chest, or back is present or would be aggravated by or interfere with the proper wearing of military
equipment, do not meet the standard. Applicants under treatment with systemic retinoids, including, but not limited to
isotretinoin (Accutane(r)) are disqualified until 8 (eight) weeks after completion of therapy.
My DD had mild acne when younger, now just a pimple now and then. He also had mono at the age of 13. My question is, when filling out the physical questions do we respond yes to acne? And under question 78 when asking if any illness or injury not previous asked do we answer yes for mono even though it was 4 years ago? How far do they want us to go back to for common adolecent ailments?
General rule of thumb, if there are not medical records, do not put it. just a pimple now and then probably did not take your daughter to a dermatologist for treatment. You want her to be honest, but if there are no medical records then the problem becomes providing medical records if requested. I hope that makes sense.