Allergy Remedial


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Mar 3, 2008
When filling out the original online medical questionnaire, I ckd the box that I had allergies (referring to infrequent bouts of parent-diagnosed seasonal allergies experienced as a child). I have no medical history of allergies and have never been treated by a physician for such. On the explanation portion of the (online) questionnaire, I wrote that I had allergies as a child but they weren't an issue now. Today, I rec'd a remedial Allergy Questionnaire. How do I explain that I don't have any allergies?
Answer all the questions on the allergy questionnaire and send it back. The allergy questionnaire is automatic if the allergy question is checked yes on the DD Form 2492.
Copy that sir. I was just wondering if there would be any further inquiries because I originally answered "yes" that I did have allergies, but on the remedial questionnaire I have answered either "none" or "n/a" to all questions. Should I attach a quick note explaining my rationale for originally answering yes? Or should I just send the questionnaire back by itself?
Feel free to attach a note explaining why you checked yes on the DD Form 2492 yet have put "none" or "N/A" on the allergy questionnaire. It will help the reviewer at DoDMERB a lot.