Allergy shots


Apr 1, 2007
My son will be taking his DODMERB physical next week, and in filling out his paperwork he has come across two items that concern him.

  • He received allergy immunotherapy shots (pollen/grass/dogs/mold) from the age of 10 until they were discontinued at the age of 14 (over 3 years ago).

  • When he was very young, he had ear drainage tubes put in place to treat chronic ear infections. The tubes were inserted in both ears at the age of 2, and both were out by the age of 4.
He will disclose both on the questionairre.

Other than these two issues, he has had no other medical problems that are listed on the forms.

Are either of these going to be a medical qualification problem?

Thanks for your help.
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Neither one should pose a problem. The tubes, as long as it wasn't done recently, he doesn't have a recent (last couple of years) history of chronic middle ear infections and the tympanic membranes (ear drums) have healed its not a problem.

For the allergy shots, as long as it wasn't in the past year, his allergies have decreased (he can still take OTC medication) and don't interfere with his daily activities there will be no problems.