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    This might be a dumb question. The ALO listed for our sons school lives on the other side of our state. It must be some type of mistake. I've typed in other high schools in our area and local ALO's pop up. The ALO realized the issue and gave us the number for someone who oversees our area and I'm not getting a response. I found an ALO in our city, contacted her, and she was friendly. Can we just use her and call it done?
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    No. The academy has candidates ASSIGNED to specific ALO's. That ALO has to do the interview and the paperwork. Another ALO can't do it. Not unless the academy changes the ALO. There's a lot of reasons this particular ALO was assigned. Could be that the other ALO's had quite a few candidates, and this ALO didn't have anyone. If you want a new ALO, contact admissions and talk to them. The number you got that oversees your area, is probably the LOD. (Your state's ALO's Boss). Just call admissions (Counselor) and explain it to them. Maybe they change it; maybe not.

    For what it's worth, I live in Wyoming. One of the physically largest states. I live in 1 corner of the state, and ALL of my schools and candidates are in the opposite corner of the state.
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    When I applied last year, I was assigned an ALO that was located 3-4 hours away from where I lived. I called my admissions counselor and they told me I was assigned the wrong ALO by mistake. I was then switched over to an ALO from the same city I lived in.

    They may not be able to do the same for you, but calling your USAFA admissions counselor would be worth a shot. :smile:

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