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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everybody. I very recently joined this forum and this will actually be my first post. I may have missed it in my reading, but I have a question pertaining to my ALO interview. I had my interview in early November, but my ALO has yet to post it to my portal. I was wondering if this delay is hurting my chances at receiving a nomination from USAFA in any way, shape, or form. I may not be the strongest candidate, but I do have a 32 ACT, I have lettered in three varsity sports (team captain of one), countless hours of community involvement with leadership positions, and much more. My ALO has not given me much confidence by his lack of urgency with uploading the interview, and it has me worried. I know some appointments have already been given out is my reason for asking: Is this normal?
From what I've read on the forum in the past, this is what I would do:
I would write to him. Email him if that's what he responds to best, or call him if that's what you usually do. Politely question why he hasn't put it up yet. He could be busy, but your application will not be deemed complete until he puts it in (granted everything else is in), and the board will not be given your file.

I do have one question, however. Do you have a nomination yet? The nomination comes from your MOC, senator, VP, or the president (if you qualify to apply to him). The nomination sources do not see your USAFA profile, only the application you have submitted to them. USAFA releases appointments, but not unless you have a nomination first.
Yes. I have received three nominations for USAFA. I wrote to my ALO previously asking why he had not uploaded it and he said I was not a priority to him at the moment.
I am, unfortunately, not an expert on this. There are many other more qualified posters on this forum who have gone through this process themselves/with their kids/or might be ALOs themselves. One of them should comment soon to help you better than I can. I wish you luck, and I really hope that your ALO changes his mind soon.
Yes. I have received three nominations for USAFA. I wrote to my ALO previously asking why he had not uploaded it and he said I was not a priority to him at the moment.

It's quite possible that while you are one of "X" number of candidates for this ALO, you are not a priority at this time due to the schedule USAFA has set on your Form 4060 (ALO Evaluation of Candidate). That's not a big deal; don't think that it's a "slur" on your candidacy. I have a bunch of candidates right now; two just were updated and their eval's are due in less than 10 days, seven others are due in mid-February...those seven are not high priority to me right now. I'll talk with them, work with them, etc., but I'm not going to setup the hours to do their eval right now...we have time.

I explain this to each candidate and that seems to "soothe" their anxiety a bit...just a bit.

It's normal to be "front loaded and anxious..." but be patient with the ALO. We get swamped too and we have other jobs as well! In case you didn't know it, the ALO position is voluntary and select (you're screened for it) and it pays the huge annual salary of $0.00. So we have our "real" jobs to do as well as this.

Be'll work.

Thank you! I really appreciate the quick response and the helpful information! I will sit back and just let the current flow and hope for the best.
How does one know if his/her ALO has uploaded his/her ALO interview evaluation? I don't see it listed in my portal. Thanks.
In the application portal, it has a bullet point that shows required actions. It said that my ALO interview is still required.
Huh. That's strange. The only documents I see in the "Documents" section are my Letters of Recommendation and HS stuff. I guess I'll double check with my ALO. Can the absence of the ALO evaluation form from my system affect the admissions board? I've been done with my applications since November and I have 3 nominations (I have no clue if principal or not). Hopefully this wasn't the thing that's been holding me back..
Yes it has been. When I open my portal it says my application is incomplete (awaiting ALO interview to be uploaded). Below that it says in red letters that my packet will not go before the admissions board until everything is finished and submitted. I am in the same boat as you. I finished my packet with the interview in late October/early November.
Mine is complete and I don't have any missing requirements. My ALO interview does not appear on the documents section, I don't think it does for anyone? I say this because I know that I am done with the application.
I apologize for the poor quality but I had to take it off my computer. This is the screen I am presented with when I access my application. IMG_0002.JPG
Yeah, your application should change to complete once the what's missing part is gone.
Oh yeah, I remember the "Liaison Officer Evaluation" being listed under the What's Missing section when I was still working on my application. I think that just goes away when your ALO submits his/her evaluation, because on my application, it says "Your Application is: Complete."
It's supposed to. Mine is still there because my ALO hasn't uploaded mine because I'm "not a priority"
Oh ok. And please don't feel like you're "not a priority." I may not know your situation with your ALO, but I'm pretty sure that he/she is just a human and is trying his/her best to help every single one of you guys with your applications. In fact, I had to change my ALO early on in my application process because my previous one simply had too many candidates under his supervision and had a hard time getting back to me. All I know is that usually they're trying their hardest to help everyone equally.