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Jul 17, 2006
Son got email from admissions today, asking him if he still interested. It stated that they are going to offer about 20 slots. So we will be having a talk today about this before lacrosse.
You probably just need to watch the expression on his face when he reads the email! Anyway, definitely something to talk about....:thumb:
My class of 2010 cadet received an email like that a week before he got his appointment.

P.S. If your son plays lacrosse, he will be happy to know he will get to have some summer practice time during swab summer.
Welcome momofacgcadet! Always great to see a Coastie parent! Can you send a message to the Academy for me & I'll send one to USMMA as well?

BRING ON THE APPOINTMENTS!!! Everyone's nerves are shot! :smile:
It is such a hard, hard time of year for those waiting. The nice thing is in how much difference a day can make....all this agonizing will be over for some kids soon with just a phone call or a special something in the mail. My CG cadet actually got a call on the phone to offer the appointment before the "official" letter came.

Come on guys/gals...just a little longer...:thumb:
What is this talk of lacrosse during the summer?

I'm from maryland, and Captain of the defending State Championship lacrosse team, so any chance I can get to play is a bonus for me as lacrosse is still only a club sport
Was just saying that even though it is swab summer, if you are going to be attending the academy, there is usually a little lacrosse practice during the latter part of swab summer and then again once the upper classmen return in late August/early fall.

I remember one of the first letters we got from my son during swab summer. All it said was, "send my lax stick asap."

Good luck as you finish your high school lacrosse career!
Thank You! It actually ended this saturday, as we lost in the regional quarterfinals. Dissapointing as it is not another state championship but I still have the Senior All-Star game as my last hoorah, then after July 2nd I assume I won't be touching my stick nearly as frequently...:wink:
Have fun in the all-star game. They are always great games for parents to watch and for kids to play in. Hope your team wins!

I know the lacrosse team is going to be thrilled to have you next year. They are a nice group of guys. Unfortunately this last year the CG was placed in the wrong league, playing teams from schools 15 to 25 times larger than the academy as far as student body. It was kind of discouraging but the team played each game in a classy manner.

Anyway, enjoy your time before R-Day and I will mention to my son there is a lax player from Maryland, and he will be on the lookout for you. His class doesn't return until August 19th, though. He plays attack. Best of luck and congratulations on your appointment!