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    I am a female freshman in high school. Suggestions on what to work on would be greatly appreciated!

    (these are the classes I will be taking this year)
    Honors Algebra II
    Spanish II
    Honors Biology
    Freshman Seminar (advanced placement English class)
    Ancient History
    Honors Orchestra (violin)

    -Last year I made an A+ in everything except for Geometry (A-) and Spanish (A). My GPA for this year will be calculated after the first quarter.

    -Will be on JV field hockey team (trying for varsity)
    -Will be on varsity track team (I do pole-vaulting)

    -My mile time is around ten minutes (does anybody have suggestions on how to breathe while running? My problem isn't as much that my legs get tired, but that I run out of breath and get pretty bad cramps).
    -10 push-ups
    -35 sit-ups in a minute
    -two pull-ups

    Community Service:
    -30 hours volunteering at local hospital
    -Girl's Service Club member
    -45 hours volunteering at the Special Childrens School (this is from the previous summer, when I was still in 8th grade...will it mean anything on my application? Should I leave this off because it was before high school?)

    -Working on my Girl Scout Gold Award
    -Next summer I'll be on a 5 week VISIONS service project to Peru (team building, Spanish, hiking, camping, 65 hours service building schools and classroom additions, irrigation canals, wells, potable water septic systems, and cisterns)
    -Hoping to get into Girls State or Governors School

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    And also, should I take both the SAT and the ACT? Are both required, or just one?

    And when should I apply for a congressional nomination?

    And what is an LOA?

    Sorry for all the questions. I know I crammed a lot into one thread.
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    I'll just answer the questions.

    Take the SAT's and aim high. Very high. If you can't get a score that you would like, go for the ACT. Personally, I like to focus on one, so if you've studied for the SAT a lot, keep on taking it.

    You should begin "seeking" a nomination as early as the winter-spring of your Junior year. It shows commitment, initiative, etc.

    An LOA is a Letter of Assurance. It's the Service Academies' version of Early Decision. If you're very very qualified, West Point (in your case) would send you an LOA, saving an appointment slot for you provided you receive a nomination, in hopes of winning you over to their school rather than another.

    You should really start rigorous physical training beginning now, since you have almost three years until the CFA. Running, pushups, situps, swimming, pullups, calisthenics, plyometrics. The more work you do now, the less work you'll have to do in the future.

    Being a Freshman, you have a while to go. Just remember do everything in your power to keep your grades excellent, find whatever leadership opportunity you can find and take it, get varsity letters, do well on your SAT/ACT, and you'll be in good shape.
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    I suggest participating in more school related clubs such as Student Government and definitely National Honor Society. Also try to get your sit ups to 45-50 a minute, 30 push ups, and 5 pull ups. Start slowly and you'll improve. Oh and just as freedomtruck put it, study study study! Best of Luck:)
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