Am I qualified?


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Jan 22, 2008
Well i'm currently going into my senior year and plan on applying to all service academies and ROTC scholarships (for the Citadel)
-Top 25% in Class
-3.6 GPA
-4 years AFJROTC-Many leadership positions but currently Corps Commander
-Coast Guard Academy AIM
-4 years of 3 Varsity Sports
-2 years NHS-Currently Senior officer
-2 years Acapella Choir- Vice President, Section Leader
-1090 SAT..:(
I know for a service academy I really need to pull up my SAT score to have a shot..but with this would I have a shot for AROTC,AFROTC, or Marine Option NROTC Scholarship? Any advice or help is appreciated!
From our experience, it appears to me that from your credentials, you'll have a great chance at AROTC scholarships.

Full AFROTC seem a little more elusive, and though son was offered (and turned down) a Level 2 this year, someone told us that those were being cut back.

We have no experience with the Marine Option NROTC, so infortunately, I can't speak to those.

Not sure how Navy handles their ROTC scholarship application process, but I can tell you Air Force uses one application - if you are selected for one of three levels, you choose the school you want to attend that has AFROTC unit. Army ROTC is different: scholarships are selected through each school you indicate interest in through a general application. They send out individual school AROTC offers of which you must accept or decline, and you may accept only one. These are a little confusing as the schools are on totally different timelines as to when they will make the offers, so you may accept an offer for a second choice school and then later have to decline it to accept one that is your first preference.

Keep taking those tests, though: the Service Academies are certainly not out of reach! Good luck, and keep us posted.
From what I've read on these forums, it seems like ROTC scholarships to the Citadel are very competitive (more so than to other schools). Keep on taking those SATs and always have backups for backups.
Our DS took the AFROTC scholarship. The AF is looking for engineers, you must declare what you intend to major in, the college is also aware of it, so it has to jive. DS was offered the full ride for a non-engineering degree, however his SAT was 1390, top 10%, and a 3.5 unweighted gpa/4.3 wt...apply asap, speak to your ALO/MALO/BGO since they will give recs.

Can't help otherwise since DS only wanted AF.
Hey everyone, I thought this was a good thread to post on because I'm wondering about my chances on an AFROTC scholarship. My folder met the December board but they said it was pushed back to the next board. Does anyone know of the scores I need to get a scholarship? I have a low ACT score but a fairly high GPA with all AP/IB classes:

3.7 GPA
3 year varsity athlete in two sports
Member of National Honor Society
Member of Diversity Leadership program
Student Council
24 ACT :(
A ton of Volunteering
55 pushups
60 sit ups
9:18 mile and a half
and a bunch of other stuff

Please help!!!
You can get that ACT up--try the SAT, too. Some do better on it. The next SAT is Jan 24--you might have to pay a late fee, but it will be worth it. Spend your break STUDYING for it. Get a prep program--Kaplan is very good and what my son used--he was able to greatly improve his scores. You have to do hundreds of problems in each category to improve.

Think of it as your job--a few hours of study each day will pay off big if you can get that scholarship!! Really, you can do this.

Good luck!:thumb:
Well I definately would but the last date I can test is December 31st...i dont really know what a good SAT score is either I took it once and had no idea what I was really doing but I got a 1450 on the SAT Reasoning test..that's the math verbal and writing one combined so i dont know what that means really...
You are correct about that date, and I'm sorry I suggested it before realizing it was too late for ROTC.