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Aug 2, 2008
Like many of you, I came here looking for answers. My son's dream was beginning to look out of reach. I saw the posts that LEMullen could help, would help. I rarely ask for favors, but we were at a point that I found his email and sent him my story. It's true, he answered back shortly. I, like others here, got a phone call. Mine was on a Saturday. But, my favorite part was the email he sent at 1230 in the morning, responding to a midnight note from me, saying "..will be home shortly, do you want me to call now?" Simply amazing. Two others things I will share. On that first call, Larry told me some things that were difficult to hear. But, the way he conducted himself, I knew we could trust him and his directness helped me understand I had work to do. Second, after the first call, I turned things over to my son. Everyone needed to understand this was his dream, not mine, and that he was willing to work for it. Larry treated him with the same respect and courtesy he had given me. For that, I am extremely grateful. With Larry's help, my son has a dream again. We pray for his safety but know it's what he feels called to do, to serve. Larry got him there. A lot of you will understand that words are simply not enough... LEMullen, we are extremely grateful. My son, Jared, and I will try to honor your hard work and willingness to help in what we do and how we treat others. Thank you.
It was our pleasure to help. DoDMERB attempts to provide the best, most expeditious service to each and very applicant. We thank you for the opportunity and kind words:):thumb:
Larry is all that and more! His Director is also as efficient, and as nice, as Larry is as we found out with an unexpected call.

We all have to remember one thing, this is their "Tax Season" if they were accountants, the busy time, these guys give us almost 24/7!
I appreciate their help in this emotionally charged point in our sons life, their help made this obstacle rational in a world where your life's dreams can be changed forever. My son may or may not pass his remedial but, one thing is certain, the DoDMERB worked to help us and encouraged us to not quit the application process prematurely.

Thank you Larry Mullen and Captain Merchant.
I would like to add that we too appreciate Larry. He has kept us informed. We are not finished yet, but his words of advise and assurance have been very comforting. I choose to have my tax dollars go to pay his salary!
Pshaw:redface: We're just trying to help! On behalf of DoDMERB, thanks!
I agree with this completely

I agree with this completely. I had a similar issue and was feeling pretty stressed out about my chances, and that's when my Dad and I got a call from him at midnight while he was in Orlando. Definitely a great guy and a very helpful person to me in this process. Many thanks to Mr. Mullen, as well as the DodMERB.
Amen to all of the good words for Mr. Mullen. He responded quickly to my question. Thank you M. Mullen!
U R entirely welcome KenMattern. Ths for the opportunity to assist.

Zaphod - One just never knows.....does one????:biggrin:
Instead of starting a whole new thread, I'll just add on here...

Mullen and his hard work and light attitude saved me from having to make one of the hardest decisions of my life... without him I would be spending the next week not getting any sleep trying to make a decision between a once in a lifetime experience and my lifetime goal... So thank you Mullen, you are indeed a hero among us average mortals. :angel:

You've spent an entire day of your life wearing out the keys on your blackberry helping my mom and me get through this, doing things I would have previously thought impossible. The fact that I'm 6000 miles didn't even seem to matter to you... thanks again