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    I have previously mentioned, the Colorado Parents' Assn BBQ as a great place for parents to stop by after they see their child off. 3 years ago, after we dropped-off our DD, we went there and were met by wonderful people. One gentleman (in his late 60's, I believe) told my wife & I the story of of his "I" Day. It went something like this:
    His mother wouldn't take him to the ramp, which was where the Basic's were dropped-off in those days, so his Aunt did. She had previously dropped off her son in a prior year. His Aunt had him sit in the back seat of the car. As they approached the ramp, an upperclassman was waiting. As the car stopped, the upperclassman ripped open the door, dragged him out, and began to immediately correct him by shouting several commands at once. His Aunt just drove off... The gentleman was glad that it's not that way anymore. So were we!
    Best of luck to the Class of 2020!
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