And, it's official!


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Mar 11, 2007
Today, I was presented with my ROTC scholarship by SGM Perio, a member of US Army Cadet Command. Unfortunately, the pictures of him giving it to me were distorted, for one because he's a MASSIVE man and for another because the podium was in the way. Not to mention ****ty lighting. But this is a picture of me and my best friend, wearing our Chords as well as with me holding my scholarship award:


The award actually reads:

Be it know that:

Cadet Christopher J. Anderson
Having achieved a meritorious record in academic studies, extracurricular participation, and athletic activities, and having demonstrated exceptional leadership potential, as well as an expressed desire to serve as an officer in the United States Army, is conditionally selected for an Army ROTC Scholarship
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Neato and congrats dude, now that your on the fast track you got set pretty much. GJ on contracting!
Congratulations!! :w00t: Thank you for sharing your news AND the awesome picture (with Tweety Bird in the background :shake: )
And a day later:

Agency: US Army ROTC Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status ( as of 5/16/2007): Medical waiver granted

D241.30 - Asthma/reactive airway disease/exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13
D259.50 - Waiver Approved - AROTC

This has been a GREAT week!