ANG Reserve PDQ Waiver Denied Now Trying AFReserve Waiver

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by Gbalon, Oct 2, 2015.

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    This is for an officer appointment, no prior military experience. My waiver for "adjustment disorder" PDQ was denied by ANG Reserve. I am now applying to go through MEPS with AFReserve and have not yet filled out the questionnaire. I have already disclosed my PDQ and plan to list that I saw a counselor years ago. However, are the two forms going to be compared? How much will AFReserve look into my waiver process with ANG? What if through gathering documents related to another answer questioned, I realized that I really should not have answered a question unrelated to the counseling when I first applied to ANG? Is it okay to leave it off when I apply for AFReserve?

    Any advice on seeking a waiver or getting the OK to go to MEPS for an "adjustment disorder" PDQ? Psychologist has written a letter of endorsement and says there are no issues. No medication was ever prescribed.

    Thank you for reading and any advice. I appreciate it.
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    I think you will not find advice here because you are going a different route than the posters here. Even via the AFROTC route they will go ADAF. They will go through DoDMERB, not MEPs.
    ~ The way it would work here is if the candidate was applying for both USAFA and AFROTC scholarship. DoDMERB will give the exam ad submit to the commissioning source. If it is a DQ, such as in your case, they (the commissioning sources) will decide if they want to pursue a waiver, it is independent of each other. The same is true for granting the waiver. USAFA can deny, AFROTC can grant, or vise a verse. They also both can grant, or both deny.

    Additionally, for candidates here the DoDMERB is valid for 2 years. I don't know how long it is valid for when it comes to the MEPS exam.

    I would suggest that you go to They have a medical forum there and they deal with ANG and Reserves. Granted they deal with mostly rated, but you might find a starting point.

    Good luck, and thank your for wanting to defend this great nation.

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