Annapolis hotel parking


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Jul 2, 2008
I am going to be staying at the Westin while my DS is at CVW. What are my parking options other than paying $20 per day at the hotel? Can I park on the Academy yard as I do have a military parking sticker and then have the hotel shuttle to pick me up or is there a public parking garage in the area of the Westin? I do not mind walking a block or 2, but I do not want to walk a mile or so.
We've stayed at the Annapolis Westin several times in the last year, including I-day and PPW.....parking on the street can be very "iffy" is the hotel's shuttle service to and from the Yard.....the hotel's underground parking garage was very convenient with elevator service straight to the lobby :thumb:.
Parking at USNA during "off weekends" shouldn't be a major problem, not sure about overnight.....I usually find ample day parking next to Alumni Hall or the Mid-Store...
From someone who works in DTA right outside Gate 1 walk gate...

For a CVW during a non-football weekend/non-parents weekend, I-Day/Annapolis Boat Show, parking on-Yard during the weekend will not be a problem, since staff and faculty will not be occupying spaces. If you get onto the Yard by 0730 on a workday morning, you can usually find space to park close in to Bancroft. Later it is, farther out you have to park, typically across the creek at Hospital Point. You can't park in front of the quarters on Porter Rd or in front of quarters on the Worden Field parade ground. Spaces you can park in are marked with a yellow painted triangle.
In DTA, there is a parking garages just off Calvert St., very close to the Church Circle end of West St. that the Westin is further down on. That's Gott's garage. There is another City parking garage just off Main St., reachable from Main St. or Duke of Gloucester St. I think the max is $20-$25 a day -- but both are brisk walks from the Westin. Actually, in the Metro DC area, $20 a day is relatively cheap.
I don't recommend parking on the street in Annapolis or the DTA area -- restrictions abound. The contract parking police are happy to swat you with a ticket, starting at $25 a day and going up 10 bucks every few days after. Historic district parking is especially fraught with danger.
I'd go for parking on the Yard with your DOD stickers and taking advantage of the hotel shuttle and have 'em drop you at Gate 1. There's taxi stand at the foot of Main St., so it wouldn't kill you wallet to take a taxi back to the Westin if the shuttle fell through.
What about with no parking sticker? They let me on the yard during CVW. Will that be available for I-Day?
WRT USNA I-Day, I've seen it go a lot of different ways. The town is jammed -- picture 1200+ incoming plebes with anxious parental/sibling/b/g/friend entourages. The Yard is full up every day with staff, faculty and first-class midshipmen cars. Sometimes they have a parental pass deal set up; sometimes it's park in town in the parking garage early and walk the 1/2 mile in. My comments above dealt with the CVW scenario for a DOD-sticker holder.
Perhaps we have some current non-DOD sticker mid-parents who can comment on what it was last summer for I-Day. I just park in the garage at 6:30 AM and don't touch it until I leave for the day on I-Day, as any good Annapolitan will do!
During I-Day we stayed at the Marriott and walked back and forth. Parents' Weekend we stayed at hotel a couple of miles away, parked at the Navy Stadium and took the free shuttle in. I think there was a shuttle on I-Day also. $20 for overnight parking is reasonable by Seattle standards.

There are several Marriott properties in Annapolis. The one within walking distance is the Waterfront Marriott on Compromise St. There are also several B&B's in DTA, all just a few city blocks from Gate 1, which cater to the extended Navy family. I often recommend Gibson's Lodgings on Prince George St. -- has its own off-street parking and is smack-dab next to the Gate 1 walk gate. The Westin is a fine chain and great for football weekends because it's close to the stadium, but it's just far enough from USNA/downtown to make life difficult. Googling can bring up the other B&B's.
Thanks for the replies. Guess I will antie up the $20 a day to park and call it even. Just trying to research my options. No harm in asking if you don't know.
I like staying in Annapolis where you can walk to the Yard, even now that my mid is a youngster. They can walk back and forth to your room, hang out and watch tv, and there is no worry about getting caught in traffic returning them to the yard.

We fly into BWI and take a shuttle. No need to rent a car then. The hotels on the outskirts, like the Springhill Suites are less expensive and have free parking, but then you need a car to shuttle your mid back and forth.

It is not a bad walk to the Yard from the Westin, O'Callaghan's, etc.- I think about 20 minutes.

Gibson's is very convenient. Historic Inns of Annapolis- the room was small but clean and the price was great. My mid's sister stayed at the Scot-Laur above Chick and Ruth's Deli- she said it was noisy but convenient and very reasonable.