Annual Naval Academy Medical Exam


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Oct 20, 2006
From my understanding, the Naval Academy requires midshipmen to have a medical exam annually. As you may know from previous threads, I am concerned about my blood pressure. Fortunately, I have been medically qualified by DoDMERB, but am concerned that my BP will be high at the annual physicals, even if I sit for a while. If my BP is high, will I be required to go through all the tests (3-day BP + pulse check, 24 hr. BP study, and sending all my BP related reports) as I did for my initial DoDMERB exam or will they take into consideration my history and let it be at that? Thank you.

As stated in my previous post, any future examination you take while in the military, your medical history will be taken into account. If you mention your history the corpsman/medics and physicians will work with you. If you are unable to reduce your BP with relaxation techniques then further workups may be required. As for an annual medical examination, there is no requirement for that at the USNA. At the beginning of your 2nd class year (junior year) you will get your commissioning physical exam. If your BP is elevated they will definitely do further work-ups. If your BP is elevated after the work-ups then most likely you would be placed on medication to lower your BP, and that would be it. It will limit the choices of career fields for you, but you will still be allowed to graduate, and get commissioned.

As a side note, by obsessing over your elevated BP you are not relaxing, and thus not allowing your BP to drop. Keep it up and you will have problems! Just take a deep breath, concentrate on obtaining an appointment to the academy of your choice and then let the chips fall where they may. This is just my personal opinion.
Your answer was very refreshing and helped put me at ease. So, let me get it straight, after I Day, the only medical exam will take place in my junior year if I am at the Naval Academy? I will concentrate on obtaining the appointment and see how everything plays out. Thanks for the reply.