Another USMC First

There were a few combat arms that interested me many moons ago when I was a young Lt... armor was not one. I mean they are 'cool' but sitting in that hulk I think would drive me nuts. Sitting in there for 24+ hours when doing NBC drills I am pretty sure would of made me need a lot of therapy. In the Marine Corps the armor community is so tiny it has its limitations. I think my TBS company had 2 spots for tanks, which was about the norm.
Sounds similar to life on a sub - not for everyone! (Certainly not me, ha ha!)

She's also intrigued by the FET teams; she met one of the female Marines from FET in high school during a Sea Cadet training, and was given lots of info about FET.

Who knows where she'll end up....only a little over a year ago she was determined for EOD or SEALs. Hence, my user name [emoji12]
Hoops: I had a different view back during the "cold war." I saw armor as one big target and felt I had a much better chance on the battlefield as a grunt. That isn't to say I didn't mind hitching a ride every once in a while. ;)

Back then, it was a much bigger community - now, not so much.