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Jul 9, 2006
I haven't been around here for a while, but those of you who have will remember me from a ways back. My daughter was an unsuccessful candidate for USNA class of 2011 & 2012. Those rejection letters took a lot out of her. She considered reapplying one more time, but decided against it. She took a different path instead.

She met with a Navy recruiter a while back. Took the ASVAB and did well. She's always been good at languages, so she took the DLAB (Defense Language Apptitude Battery.) The recruiters in her office had the attitude that she could take it but hardly anyone passes it, at least around here. a perfect score on the test is 150 and you need a 110 or above to study the harder languages, at least as an enlisted. She got a 138. Yeah, I'm braggin', but then I'm the Dad, right?

I think doing so well on the two tests helped her get a lot of her self-esteem back. She'll report to boot camp in January (Brrrrr! Chicago in the winter.) After boot camp she'll go to Monterey, California for a little over a year to the Defense Language Institute. She won't know what language she'll study until she gets there, but it will probably be Arabic or Chinese. The needs of the Navy, right? When she's all done she'll be a CTI, a Cryptological Technician, Interpretive. She should be an E-4 or close to it by the time she's done with school.

It's still possible that she could be a mustang and do some kind of commissioning program later, but for now she's planning on just being the best enlisted person she can be. We're so proud of her we're about to pop.

Thanks to everyone on this site who helped us through all the disappointment. Things have a way of working out.
Hot damn!

Congrats! :groupwave:

You know..... she can always reapply as an enlisted. :thumb:

OTOH, she may have so much fun as an enlisted Crypie that she won't want to give it up. Either way, nicely done, and a big BZ to her! :smile:
When the desire to serve is strong, a little thing like a SA rejection letter is just a small bump in the road.

She sounds like a fantastic young lady, you should be extra proud of her. :thumb:
Awwww Cougar - your post gave me the goosebumps!
Good for her! You are right - she should be an E-4. The DLI is very highly regarded. Whatever her path in the future this opportunity will be awesome!
Congrats to you on raising such a great daughter!! My oldest son in the Navy and loves it. My younger is currently trying to get into a SA. I am equally proud of both.
She did well? That's just a slight understatement Cougar :) I can't wipe the smile off my face for your daughter after reading your story. Our girls (yes, I know and guys) sure do have stamina don't they. Just a little partial to the girls since I have one too.

I wish her so much luck and success. It is so awsome when doors open while others close :biggrin: She'll do great things- Congratulations!
What an inspirational story! It sounds like she has a wonderful career ahead of her. You should all be very proud. Best wishes to her!!
Wow Cougar. We've known each other online for a loooong while & that was the best news update ever. I'd said it to you before & I'll say it again.... that young lady is going places. She is a natural leader. Funny how these kids land where they are supposed to be. Always a reason. You have to be sooo proud. Hope I can portray as best I can by typing without hearing my actual voice, about how very very very extremely proud I am of her.

God, I love these kids. They are doin' it right. :thumb: Humbles my silly old butt....
Thanks everyone for the kind words. I've already got a log-in on a Navy Parents site, so I'll hopefully be able to make some friends over there. No way they'll be able to match you guys though. Your the best!:thumb:

I'll probably keep checking in here from time to time. My Son, a High School Sophomore, thinks he's got what it takes to get into the Air Force Academy. Of course, with a sister who's enlisted in the Navy we might be able to change his mind and point him towards Annapolis.:wink:
Congrats, Cougar! Great girl and a great story. Ya know, another one of my nephews has enlisted Navy and I think he goes to boot camp in January, too. He's a knucklehead, though - nothing like your daughter.

She's gonna do great!
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After boot camp she'll go to Monterey, California for a little over a year to the Defense Language Institute.

Cougar......that is just great. Your daughter is going to love Monterey. My dad attended the same school...although is was called the Presidio - Army Language School then. He became a Russian Translator.

Of all the years he was in the service he says the time he spent at the Presidio were the most challenging and rewarding. 50+ years later......whenever he gets good and mad, he still says things to us in Russian that makes us all run for cover.

Get a couple beers in him and you would never know he ever spoke english. Its a great school......Be proud of her.