anxiety disqualifiction


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Nov 29, 2007
My son received a medical disqualification for history of anxiety. I was told he could apply for a waiver from the Air Force Academy, where he really wants to go. Last year he was having problems in AP Chemistry and pre-calculus. The more he studied, the worst he seemed to do (in other words low B's instead of A's). He went to a therapist to learn relaxation techniques and how to deal with his perfection tendencies. He is doing great now dealing with class pressures - (he even scored 5 on the AP chemistry exam). His academic credentials are good (720V, 730M), varsity swimmer, eagle scout. My question is - what are the chances they will give him a waiver? Is there something else he should do - write a letter himself explaining the situation. This whole process is so confusing to me - I don't know what to tell him to do. Thanks.
When your son requests the waiver from USAFA, I would have him write a statement describing, in his words, the events leading up to the visit and the diagnosis. I would also have him state whether he took any medications, or if it was just therapist visits. I would have him explain how he has used the coping mechanisms to assist him in getting through all this.

This is all information that will assist the waiver authorities. As I have explained in previous posts, DoDMERB has to go by their instructions, they have no "grey" area. The waiver authority can look at all the information provided to make a determination. Waivers can be, and have been, granted for these types of issues.