Any Cadets Know/See This Guy?


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May 20, 2007
I ran across this picture on it looks legit and I assume it's from this year's commencement. Does anyone know who this now-Lieutenant is or see it take place?


In case the image doesn't show up, here is the URL:
It is the AF cadet chest thumping President Bush when receiving his diploma.

It's real. The photo was in our local newspaper - out here in "small town" PA.
Hey, I live in "small town" PA :smile:.

I saw this take place via the Pentagon Channel. I thought it was quite funny, and it got a big chuckle from the crowd as well.:shake:
I'm from really small town PA and I saw it too. What a moment for that young Lt. I'll bet his parents have that picture up on their "I love my Cadet" wall! I would!