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Apr 9, 2007
Hi - my son has a LOA needing the medical but is medically disqualified. Here are his DQ's from the website:

Agency: US Naval Academy Sub Agency:
Current Medical Status ( as of 4/6/2007): Pending Waiver Submission/Review

D132.40 - History of endocrine or metabolic disorders
D227.20 - Scoliosis/kyphosis
D227.30 - Vertebral fusion, congenital or acquired
D228.00 - Miscellaneous orthopedic or spinal condition - myelodysraphism with associated open and unfused posterior elements T12 through L4

His history is that he was born with a bone spur that split his spine and had surgery to remove it at six weeks of age. He had the potential for many problems but has been very fortunate.

He played Select level soccer and is currently a competitive wrestler. He has always been fully functional and without limitations and is in fact very fit with very low body fat.

The abnormalities he has are all congenital and asymptomatic. He has not undergone spinal fusion surgery despite that fact he has congenital vertebral malformation. These conditions have not worsened over time. He has been seen at Scottish Rite hospital since birth and they have discharged him stating that he should require no orthepedic follow-up. We included a letter from his physician at Scottish Rite with the remedials to that affect.

When we looked at the medical guidelines he seemed to fall within the listed accepted tolerances for degree of scoliosis and non-surgical fusion of 2 vertebrae.

In reference to history of endocrine or metabolic disorders; our son's testing showed a borderline level of growth hormone. We decided to start the growth hormone the spring of 2004 feeling it was worthwhile to start treatment while his growth plates were still open. He discontinued the injections in 12/06.

We have always known that his medical condition would be an obstacle but hoped his history of being fully functioning with no limitations would be deciding. I would be grateful to know your thoughts as to if you believe it would be possible for my son to get a waiver for the listed DQ's and if there is still time to do so. Thanks.

I'll start by stating that anything is possible with the waiver authorities.

I think it is going to be an uphill battle for your son. The spine issues are all very difficult to obtain waivers for, and I've only see a couple in the 5 years I was at DoDMERB. Of course, each applicant is looked at as an individual. The endocrine and metabolic disorder, since your son just came off the growth hormone in December will be difficult as well.

I'm not saying its going to be an impossible task, I think your son is going to have to work pretty hard to get the waiver. I would start by having your son write a statement concerning the disqualifications, describing in his words, the history of the issues, what treatment he received, and how each issue has limited him in his activities. This should be mailed to DoDMERB, requesting that they forward it to the waiver authorities. It is amazing what an applicant’s statement can achieve. If you have any medical records that DoDMERB does not have I would ensure that copies of those are forwarded to DoDMERB as well.

I would also have your son contact his admissions officer letting her/him know that he was disqualified. Since he has an LOA in hand, it shows that the Naval Academy is interested in him, and the admissions office can let the waiver authorities know that he is an applicant of interest.

Since he was just disqualified the process will seem to move at a snails pace for a bit, but there is still time to get everything taken care of. The only deadline for the medical issues is I-Day, so you do have some time to get items completed.

I know this is a little ambiguous, but the first thing I learned when I got to DoDMERB was to never know what the waiver authority was going to do.

If you have any other questions please feel free to let me know.
Thanks for the prompt reply.

PS God may be leading my son to some other wonderful opportunites he has.
RetNavHM ... you truly are the best. Not merely the information you share so generously (we KNOW the BIG BUCKS you're knocking down doing this!:thumb: } but the kind way in which you do so.

You're a blessing to so many, mine among your beneficiaries. Thank you.:angel:

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I completely agree!!

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If it were not for Retired Navy Hm I would have gone crazy a long time ago. He is a huge blessing for any family/young person trying to head down the road our kids are traveling. It is a rarity in this day and age to find such a giving person, A person who takes such great satisfaction in helping people realize their dreams.

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