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    I just received a letter from my district representative informing me that I received a nomination. I also qualify and have applied for a presidential (military affiliated) nomination. I visited the Academy a few weeks ago and met with my counselor who told me that I had passed the CFA. My unweighted GPA is 3.85 and my ACT scores are as follows:

    Math: 31
    Science: 30
    English: 29
    Reading: 27

    Besides this I have multiple leadership roles at my school in several bands and societies. Would anyone be able to give some insight as to whether or not I have a chance to be offered appointment?
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    You're in the hunt...

    IF I were your ALO...I'd have asked you to retake the ACT...and to take the often as possible. I say this because I was "one of those guys..." that too two years and 12, yes TWELVE, ACT/SAT's before I "got it!" You can never hurt yourself with those tests (okay, the headache after taking them doesn't count), you can only help!

    KEEP working on the rest of the package to make yourself as attractive as possible!!

    You're in the hunt!!!

    USAFA '83

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