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    Sep 1, 2016
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    I am in my Sophomore year at highschool. For my freshman year I took Eng 1 Honors, Algebra 1, World Geography, integrated science honors, biology honors, and health and PE as required classes, and then some electives. Not in any sports/clubs that year. Towards the end of my freshman year I found out about the service academies and realized how competitive they are, so I tried to take harder classes. This year I am in Geometry Honors, Algebra 2 honors, Chemistry honors, Anatomy Honors, Microbiology, English 2 honors, and World Civ, then one elective that is related to computers; however, I'm still not in any sports, though I am planning to join two clubs and be the president of them, and be active within both. I am also going to join something called Leadership League, as well as NHS. But, I am mostly concerned with how the sports section is. I know it is extremely important, and was wondering if there are any suggestions as it is too late to get into a sport at my school this year as well as any other comments about what I could do to improve my chances.
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    It's too late to plan to join a winter or spring sport?
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    Never too late. Get on it. You do not want to be perceived as one dimensional. The academies want well rounded people with time management skills.

    Every kid appointed had to balance academics, sports, and eca''s in high school and is expected to at the academy.

    Wondering what clubs or organization one can simply decide that they will join and become president?
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    While not everyone at USNA is a varsity athlete during their collegiate career, I can't recall anyone who wasn't an athlete during their high school days.

    Team sports form the foundation for team warfighting and leadership ability.

    Intramural sports were just as important to my officer development as varsity sports (I was both, though not concurrently).

    Physical fitness is an integral part of our vocation, especially when it comes to leadership by example.
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    Honestly, HS cross country (fall) and track teams (spring) are usually open to walk-ons. The conditioning will be good for you as well.

    Find a way to make it happen!
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    I don't disagree at all, Maplerock, but in DS's BGO interview, his BGO thought DS was 1-dimensional *because* of his focus on his sport (played on a national top-10 club team in his sport, was all-state, all-conference, all-Met, MVP, etc.). He also had a 4.3 GPA and 35 ACT, was not recruited. To expand his athletic experience, though, he joined 2 other varsity teams his senior year and enjoyed them very much. In fact, he's continued one of them at a recreational/fitness level while he plays his varsity sport (walk-on). His effort to make himself less "1-dimensional" ended up broadening his horizons in a meaningful way.
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