Any tips for "The Waiting Place"?

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    So, like pretty much all other Class of 2021 candidates right now, I'm currently in 'The Waiting Place" of Dr.Seuss fame. With all my applications submitted, portals filled, nominations received, and 7th semester grades being sent in now, the process is now mostly composed of waiting for word.

    I'm not slacking off in this time period. I'm dual enrolled at a local college and taking a fairly intensive course load, keeping grades up, running regularly, doing Crossfit, working part-time, and trying to find another job. However, with the application process winding down, and the amount of things that I can work on decreasing, I'm feeling like there's too much free and open time available, and I'm the sort of person who needs to keep very, very busy.

    So, those who have done this before, or had a DS/DD go through this, do you have any recommendations for what I can use this time for? Anything that is essential/very useful at USAFA? Even better, is there still anything that I can still do in order to make my application more competitive? Barring either of those, does anyone have any tips in order to use this time better and reduce stress and waiting?
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    Stop doing crossfit, and then hurry up and wait
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    It is a very nerve racking time period. The best thing to do would be to focus on doing the things you love, enjoying your freedom now and just breath.
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    This is probably not the news you wanted to hear, but I would take this time to focus on plans B, C and D. If you don't get the nomination have those plans ready to go. It will keep you busy. Keep working out but don't go crazy and get yourself injured and as others have said enjoy the last semester of your senior year.

    This is the hardest part, but if you focus on things you can control it will be over soon enough.
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    You only get to be a senior in high school one time. Enjoy your remaining high school time, create some wonderful memories.

    There is nothing remaining to do but wait for USAFA to make a decision.

    It is very hard, but refrain from checking portal every 12 minutes.
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    ^^^ I agree, checking it more often won't yield results any sooner. Turn off your PC, go workout, have fun with friends or study for some upcoming h.s. tests instead !!!
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    I waited roughly 4 months before receiving my appointment, so I understand just how stressed you are probably feeling. I know it won't help that much, but it might be encouraging to know that in previous years, a large number of (if not most) appointments go out in mid-March (most likely the week of 3/13 this year). Of course, a lot go out after then, too. Point being, right around then is when you should START looking for an appointment. :thumb:

    It's good that you are asking about ways to improve right now, instead of waiting until you receive your appointment. I took a look at the activities you listed, and honestly, you are doing a lot of the right things. Some additional things to consider:

    1. Keep working out (without getting hurt). You mentioned running and Crossfit, which sound like good physical fitness activities. I don't know very much about Crossfit, but I can definitely assure you that any running you do at home will not be wasted when you come here. As cadets like to say, "the air is rare", and the better conditioned you are at sea level, the easier you will find the adaptation to 7,258'. Also, work a lot of body-weight exercises such as those found on the USAFA PFT. Don't stop at the maxes, either--before I-day, I was up to sets of 80 pushups and 100 situps multiple times per day, in addition to running and a weight room workout. Having that extra fitness--especially for endurance exercises--will pay dividends during BCT, even though you will still be physically exhausted.

    2. Get really good at time management. I'm not saying you need to get up at 0600 every day (although you certainly can if you want) or even that you have to have the same schedule every day (that will come soon enough). What you should practice, though, is efficiently prioritizing different tasks and sticking to whatever schedule you make. If you end up as a C4C next year, you will often have more items than you know how to handle, and already knowing how to deal with this situation will be invaluable.

    3. Like Daretodream said, work on backup plans. There is always a chance that you may have to use one (even after you receive an appointment), and you don't want them to fall through the floor if you end up needing them. Definitely make sure you get these lined up and ready to go, even up to/through I-day and BCT (when feasible).

    4. Brush up on your math/chemistry/foreign language/history/etc. skills. Validation and placement tests are administered during BCT, and it makes your schedule a whole lot less packed if you can validate one or more of your 4* core classes. I am NOT saying to try and test out of something you never learned--that is a recipe for Ac Pro--but if you feel confident in material you have already mastered, there may not be any valuable reason to retake it here.

    5. Find other candidates in your area if you can. Around this time two years ago, I met another appointee who lived 15 minutes from me. He and I are now classmates and good friends. It's always nice to make these connections early if you are able to.

    Good luck and keep up the hard work! :thumb: Feel free to PM me if you would like.