Anyone else having problems with DODMERB website?


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Nov 18, 2007
My D has been trying to sign onto the DODMERB website thru her USNA site and is unsuccessful. It says she already has established a user name and password but this was her first time on this site. She emailed the webmaster twice and has yet to receive a reply. She also called the number given but has yet to talk to a person. Is there something she is missing? Thank you for your help in advance.
Midmom, I am not sure, however I also had a problem logging in when I went through the academies websites to get to the page. Try just typing in and going from there and following the directions. Also, if it says you already have an account then it was created for you and your username will be the ssn w/o spaces or dashes, and the password will be last name. try that, hope I helped, I will be on so let me know if it works or not

Thanks for your reply. She has tried all of that and didn't have any success.
We never had this problem before with her siblings.
I'm sorry to hear that, the other option is that if you're not receiving replies from the webmaster, just e-mail MullenLE directly at and see if he can help, he is the director of dodmerb and maybe he can access files we can't and can get you an answer.
OK sports fans, there are 2 different websites.

One is for scheduling the exams and it takes you through all the way to the point of when they've received the exams and performed a quality control check on the results. That is from a Compnay called Concorde Inc, who is contracted to DoDMERB for most all of our initial exams and many of our remedial tests and/or evaluations/consults. This website is

The 2nd website is DoDMERBs'. This is the website that shows the medical status of DoDMERB's review. We may be awaiting the results of the initial exam; we may be currently evaluating the results of an exam; we may have placed the applicant in "remedial" status, requesting a test(s), eval(s), and/or additional information from the applicant (either for DoDMERBs us or as requested by the waiver authority). This website is

"If" after having problems and one business day has transpired after U've notified the respective webmasters, just email me at and tell me which site you're having problems accessing. I will get U squared away.:thumb: We aim to please!
I have not been able to get the website to load in the last 2 days. Tried on various computers at various times. No, I have not contacted the webmaster because the page will not load so I can. Here is what I get each time when I click on the weblink from the USNA.

Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage

Most likely causes:
You are not connected to the Internet.
The website is encountering problems.
There might be a typing error in the address.

What you can try:
Diagnose Connection Problems

More information

I know we live out in the boondocks here in Pink Hill, NC - but we do have road runner and wireless! LOL
No rush just checking to see when new information is posted on my son's medical.
Have a great day!

I just logged on, no issues.

Click the link in Larry's post above.
Same thing - will not load. I will check it from my school internet it is a different internet provider and connection - T1 line.....
"If" your daughter has NOT taken her DoDMERB exams yet; If the DoDMETS website does not show a cloed status yet; and/or "if" our automated system has not run the rules on your daughetre case yet, she won't be able to see a status. Email me at for further assistance:thumb: