Anyone Get a Waiver for a Peanut Allergy?

Discussion in 'DoDMERB' started by jc40, Jan 22, 2015.

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    My son recently discovered he received a DQ because he's allergic to peanuts. It's been frustrating because he has nominations for all three academies (a primary for West Point, competitive for USNA and USAFA). Have anyone of you every heard of a candidate getting a waiver for a peanut allergy? If so, do you know what steps he/she took to help facilitate the process?
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    My son received a waiver for a tree nut allergy.

    However, he had to first go the ROTC route (plan B) and then re-apply to West Point as a freshman on college.
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    It might help the OP if you discuss the severity of the allergy your DS had. I believe there was a poster last year that did get a waiver, but the only but they were allergic to was macadamia's and no need for an epi pen. Had no history of anaphalatic reactions, no hives, etc. just got itchy.
    ~ Caveat that is what my Polish brain remembers.

    What needs to always be emphasized is waivers are case by case. So just because one gets a waiver, it might be due to the severity reaction is less or it is they type of nut.
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    Jc40, my DS was DQ for
    D271.40 History of systemic allergic reaction to food or additives
    If you son is currently allergic to peanuts and carries an EPI pen then you will have a big hill to climb.. but nothing ventured nothing gained right?. Feel free to search my earlier posts as I believe I went into more detail on the process.
    Here is what we did: Once the DQ came in we gathered medical records showing no allergy treatments for 14 years. Had family Dr. write a letter that DS was no longer allergic to anything and had no EPI pen since he was 4 yrs old. Found retired Army Dr. who was an allergy specialist, chief of allergy and immunology at several Army bases and tons of other credentials examine DS. He examined DS and based on that exam and blood test ( have the blood test done as it is far more accurate than the skin test. Also I believe the medical profession is transitioning to a more accurate blood test, check with your allergist) he wrote an opinion that DS was in fact no longer allergic to anything and has no restrictions in regards to military service. We sent all of the above to DoDMERB who in turn sent the info to Cadet Command Surgeon General for review. 90 days later waiver granted for AROTC. It is my personal opnion that the exam by a retired military Dr. was the key. Best $80 ever spent!!! Best of luck.
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