AP Bio not as impressive as AP Chem, and AP Physics?


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Aug 5, 2007
Hey everyone,

I already took Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, and plan on taking AP biology this year. I read a couple threads, including some by USNA69 that mentioned the importance of the highest levels of chemistry and physics. I already completed a mountain of summer homework for AP Bio and am planning on taking that class this year. Did I make a mistake in choosing this class over the other 2 science classes?
For USNA, yes. When admissions is assigning your whole person point total, Chemistry and Physics are looked on more favorably than Biology. If you have a strong package, it will not matter for admissions. Later on, a Chemistry or Physics validation will help you with your USNA courseload. However, if, like all should assume, you are in a position where every little bit helps and you are fighting for each point, yes, you should take 1.) Chemistry, 2.) Physics.

Even though this is on the WP Forum it is USNA specific.
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I see. I guess AP Biology would serve little purpose in the military unless you want to become a doctor or go into the medical field. Can anyone verify if the other service academies follow this desire? I should've went with AP CHEM! I hate this world!
For West Point both Chemistry and Physics are required classes. Normally, freshmen take 2 semesters of Chemistry and sophomores take 2 semesters of Physics. So, taking these AP classes would be a big help in preparing you. Biology is not required.

If your classes haven't started yet, you could likely still change your schedule. It would be easy (or not) to think of all the Bio reading you did this summer as just plain good for you. And then get caught up in Chem or Physics as quickly as possible.

Good luck and let us know what you decide.
I think my chemistry teacher ill prepared my class for the AP level. It was his first year teaching. As for my physics teacher. He did a good job, but I think the subject material can be quite hard to grasp. Maybe its just him, but a lot of people hated it. Although it is required to take it, I can wait later :) Thanks though.
I think my chemistry teacher ill prepared my class for the AP level. ........................................................ I can wait later :) Thanks though.

Ill prepared for AP but ready to take Plebe chemistry???? What is the logic of that? EG, your goal should be to do well, not just get in.
USNA69, I love how you piece things together. Were you in some intelligence field in the navy at one point in your life? :biggrin:

You're right though.