AP exams


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Nov 1, 2008
what courses can we validate if we take the ap tests? also is it worth the 90 bucks to take the exam and not get a high enough score to validate? what is the score you need to validate?
It can help you with some honors courses at CGA, but you won't really be validating anything directly....sadly. Pass the AP test and get your money back.
I think he meant the gratification of passing the AP tests will be the repayment. :thumb:
Do you not get your money back with a 5 on the test? Am I confused? I may be, it's been awhile since I took an AP test. Maybe that was just my school.
not that I know of, and they are expensive too

I would say that would depend on the AP test.

You can't be exempt from a class just because of an AP test, but you can take a test while at the academy to exempt... some 4/c got out of Calc1, Calc II, Physics, Stats..... all because he tested out....

gee I hate that guy....

but anyway, just remember that you should take the test as a backup, so if you don't get accepted to the academy but go to another college for freshman year, you can easily get credits (i would have 9 credits already if I went to another college from AP test along)
our AP Biology teacher isnt update grades in the computer... he is going to wait for the test at the end of the year to do the class grade!?!?!?!!?

he entered grades for September and October... and has entered nothing since then...... report cards due on the 23rd of January and he isnt planning on putting any grades in!?! She had a test she didnt do so good on before the grades went in... this is the first "C" she has gotten since middle school.
I've sent an email to him and the counselor.. we'll see if the grades are updated...

He did a similar thing last year.... I get really angry with teachers that dont update grades.
AP scores alone won't let you validate. Case and point: I got a 5 on the AP Calc A/B exam and tested into Calc 1. It probably didn't help that the validation exam was given a couple weeks into swab summer, but I digress. If I'm not mistaken, each course that is possible to validate offers their own exam for doing so. Chem and Calc were given over the summer, and Physics was given last week for some reason.
You got to the next level up.

I was in Honors Chem at the Academy (don't know if they still offer it), and I took AP Chem in HS.

What you won't have is no classes your senior year, and you won't graduate early. It might open up a spot further in your cadet career to take some electives, which are great.
And again, it's based on the test you take at the Academy, and not the AP tests alone, although those AP tests will help.