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    I have taken 5 AP tests so for and the scores range:
    US History 2
    Eng Lang/Comp 3
    Env. Science 4
    Latin- Vergil 1 (hardest test on the face of the earth)
    World History 3

    I'm unsure if I should upload this in the optional section because of the 2 and 1. Should I? Will they see it as a positive or negative?
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    Just keep in mind that many colleges do not accept scores below a 3 and some are only accepting 4s and 5s.
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    That's nice. If only that were the question!
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    Since none of the scores posted would let you validate a course, I don't see the benefit of uploading them.
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    I've been told AP scores do not factor into admissions decisions. So I'd not send any with lower scores. (Though I'd include them if all were high.... can't hurt even if subjectively)

    I would upload them once appointed however..... I'm aware of exceptions to the general validation guidance even for yearlings. (You can only validate XYZ, only 5's count, etc)

    DS had this happen last semester in one of his core yearling classes. Saw the class syllabus and realized he had covered this exact material already as an AP class. Discussed with the prof, who agreed that if he could get his AP score she would validate it for him.

    So I would definitely report any 4 or 5 AP scores as they can help with validation of later classes . They'll be on file and it makes it easy to have that discussion. This type of thing has to be handled quickly at the beginning of class (drop/add) and having them on file allows that.

    Even if not for validation they can help with getting into the right section for the cadet performance level. No sandbagging tolerated, they will resection a cadet mid-semester if in too easy of a section. It's usually better to get in the right section up front to prevent a prof change.
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    AP Scholar

    Since you have scored a 3 or higher on 3 or more tests, you should be getting a notification and certificate from college board awarding you the status of AP Scholar. Now, what this means to the academy is unknown, however, it is something else to put on your resume and it is an honor your earned. Good luck!

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