****APPLICANTS = DoDMERB DQ for "history of?" READ THIS****


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May 31, 2008
***There is NO PII (Personally Identifiable Information) contained in this thread***

If you have been or will be determined by DoDMERB to be DNMMS (Does Not Meet Medical Standards = aka medical DQ), you may choose to read this closely as just one example.

This is a response that is applicable to any age identified or "history of" DoD medical standards that DoDMERB assigns to an applicant.


**The attachment can be found: Google "DoDMERB;" On the home page, top left, HIT "Questions on the Process."

West Point = If you meet the criteria in the attached paragraphs 11-12 (Admission Regional Commander identified and cc'd on this email), then 15-19 and 21 will apply

AROTC = If you meet the criteria of paragraphs 11 & 13 (you have not been awarded a scholarship yet), then 15-19 and 21 will apply

You’ll NOTE that all three DQs are (2 ea) “History of…” and (1 ea) is “…after the 6th birthday”

D211.10 - History of congenital or acquired anomalies of the central nervous system or meningocele
D212.00 - Any atraumatic seizure occurring after the 6th birthday
D112.70 - History of psoriasis

DoDMERB is NOT commenting on your current status of those conditions. “If” considered for a medical waiver, the medical waiver authorities will consider your history; your current status; and your prognosis. They will then make a "risk assessment" on your ability to successfully serve in their programs/Service.

At this juncture, you can send in whatever you wish to send in that is MEDICAL (e.g. = not character recommendations) and reflects directly on those conditions. However, my recommendation would be:

a. Find out if you will be processed for a medical waiver by West Point first.

b. If so, await West Point’s review. Only they will know “if” they want anything and “if” they do, specifically with great precision, what they will require?

c. Their request, if they have one, will be posted on the DoDMERB website.