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    Can you have scoliosis and get an appointment to the USMA?

    I have a slight curvature of my spine. According to a specialist, it’s nothing serious enough to wear a brace or undergo treatment, but it’s still pretty curved. In addition to this, my neck is a little bent forward, I guess because of all the time I spend on my phone. Will this negatively...
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    Can you have acne and go to West Point?

    I am a candidate for the class of 2025 for WP and I have some acne and acne scars. There is minimal scarring on my face and there is almost noacne either, however, I have a lot of scars and acne on my upper arms. I am undergoing treatment but am not on Accutane. Can I still attend, or is this...
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    Thank you + advice for USNA applicants

    Signing off the USNA board after not receiving an appointment, and grateful to many on this forum. Thank you to everyone who posted - we didn't log in a lot, but we read the boards often. As a result, we've recommended them to many people. At this point we are very reflective and feel like...
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    What do the asterisks mean?

    Hi everyone, So I was looking up the medical qualifications at and I realized there are different asterisks [*, **, ***] next to different disqualifications. I couldn't find a key explaining what they meant, and I was wondering if...
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    Medical Waiver for NROTC College Program

    Hello, When I was applying for the USNA, DoDMERB deemed me medically disqualified but said I may be eligible for a medical waiver. Because I was not offered appointment to USNA this year, they did not proceed to review my medical history. So, I was wondering how I could obtain a medical waiver...
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    AFROTC waiver for an IEP, that has had little impact on my academics.

    Hey, sorry for another one of these questions, but I haven't found a forum regarding my question, so here I am. So I have an IEP, it's just for extra time in class and that's it. I haven't ever needed medication for it, and I haven't used the accommodations in a year. My high school GPA was a...
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    May 15 Waiver Deadline?

    I am a USCGA Scholars conditional appointee and I have had a waiver in the works for about a month now. I have heard of a May 15th waiver deadline thrown around on this forum and I was wondering if anybody knows the validity of that date.
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    Hi, If I do not get ‘pilot qualified’ after DoDMERB vision testing, will I be unable to graduate as a pilot? Or can I get PRK at the academy (and how do they decide who gets PRK)? Thank you!
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    Concern regarding remedial

    Hello everybody I hope you all are doing well, I would like to share my concern regarding my remedial submission. Please share your thoughts if you are going through a similar situation. I submitted my AMI's at the beginning of March, and I am still waiting to hear back from DoDMERB. I...
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    Disqualifying Medical Condition - Varicocele

    What would be the qualification determination for a candidate of USNA and USMMA class of 2024 who had a Left (only) Varicocele corrected via ligation in the summer of 2018. A full recovery occurred. There is now no varicocele present. From my research this is what I have found: Ex: "57...
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    PIP Test Question

    Hi, so just some background information on myself, I’ve already been offered the 3 yr advanced designee AROTC scholarship, and I am currently working through the medical process right now. I just took the optometrist exam, and I failed the PIP test pretty bad. I only got about 2 or 3 right. I...
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    Hello everybody, I am currently a candidate for both the USAFA and USNA. 2 weeks ago, I received an email from DoDMerb stating that I owe them a remedial regarding a condition I was diagnosed with. I am almost done collecting all the documents I need, but I was wondering, is my application on...
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    Age Waivers?

    This may be a stupid question, but are there any age waivers for enlisted applicants who are just a few days too old? My birthday would be in late June, and I believe I-Day for U.S. Naval Academy would be on July 1st (or a very similar date). If there is any possibility of getting an age waiver...
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    USCGA Medical/Application Question

    Is it normal for this academy in particular to first view applicants/candidates applications first, then decide if they want to pursue certain applicants and sub-sequentially want to look at the candidate's medical DoDMERB status? It seems like other academies look at medical status while...
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    Application Question

    How long does it generally take for the Medical status to show up on the USMMA application portal after a decision from DODMERB? i.e. DoDMERB shows a status such as "Qualified"-- When would USMMA acknowledge this on the application portal?
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    Academies and DoDMERB

    I have a question, and am looking for some insight. Today I saw that on DoDMETS, my status is "Closed." This is great news, as it seems that my info is moving forward. So I logged into to the website of DoDMERB, and saw that for each academy that I have applied to, there is a status of "Under...
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    Under Waiver Review vs Under DoDMERB Review

    Hi! I applied to 3 academies and NROTC. I have a medical disqualification and received a waiver for both USNA and USAFA. NROTC is still pending—for weeks my status said “Under Waiver Review”. Just recently my status for NROTC has changed to “Under DoDMERB Review”. What is the difference between...
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    Waiver/Procedure Question

    I am requesting insight into a strange situation after having conducted my general medical exam today. First, off, I am enlisted in the military. I have gone through MEPS before and have also passed a flight physical exam with flying colors. With that in mind, I went to a civilian doctor for my...
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    DD2807-1 Reporting Change in Medical History

    Hey all, first time poster trying to find some answers. I am in my MSIII year in ROTC and we are gearing up to go to Advanced Camp this summer. Part of that is filling out the DD2807-1/2808 series of forms to report our medical history. Well, in my camp physical form I marked I had seen a...
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    AROTC Vision/Glasses

    Hello, I am a current high school senior who was recently awarded a 3-year Advanced Designee Army ROTC scholarship, and I had a quick question regarding the eyesight portion of the DoDMERB. My prescription is -11/-13 diopters, which I know is outside of the limit of +/- 8 d. I have pretty thick...