1. E

    Forgetting dates for last medical visit or PT visit

    Hello, I am currently getting through the DoDMERB process after being accepted for an NROTC scholarship. I have completed and submitted the medical history exam; however, after reviewing the locked answers it seems that some of my dates are not exact on some of the injuries I obtained during...
  2. S

    Just found out treatment for depression was instead labeled as adjustment disorder, now have another dq

    After going inpatient for depression incited by a really screwy divorce paired with a (surgically resolved shortly after inpatient) medical condition (PANDAS), I started seeing a therapist, and then switched after two years when parents couldn't agree on something insurance related (i dont...
  3. T


    Hey! I am looking to expected to start the dodmerb process soon. I have been out of high school for four years now. While in high school, I had a IEP that gave me extra time on exams. My first couple semesters in college wasn’t the best, I just withdrawal from 9 classes. However, the last three...
  4. B

    Possible false diagnosis conflicting with DoDMERB

    Back in the summer, I had a pretty devastating virus that blocked my airways; around the same time, my parents had noticed that I had pretty bad snoring and I was getting up at night, so they ordered a sleep study for me. The doctors eventually diagnosed me with minor obstructive sleep apnea...
  5. B

    Chance of waiver for post-COVID Olfactory Deficiency

    My DS was disqualified for post-COVID Olfactory Deficiency. Has anyone else received a waiver for this condition? Is this a non-negotiable for USNA? Appreciate any insights at all. Thank you. BEAT ARMY!
  6. T

    Dodmerb Qualified, what's next?

    Hi all! Just trying to get some insights from those who Qualified from Dodmerb, DS checked his Dodmerb account this week and saw that his status changed to "qualified" for NROTC. What happens next? There is an attachment letter in Dodmerb stating he is qualified, is that it? Are we getting...
  7. K

    Should I give up on applying?

    Hi! I’m Currently a sophomore in college who is looking to join ROTC. However I have been diagnosed with depression and am currently at the moment on a low dosage of antidepressants. As I understand this is a non waiverable DoDMerb dq. My depression is not a main affecter to my life and...
  8. T

    Run of the mill waiver questions

    Hey all, Welcome to the 214786th thread of waiver questions! 1. How will the Academy reach out to me (how long does it typically take this time of year)? 2. My DoDMERB Portal status says "under waiver review" is this the default or am I under review for a waiver? 3. My USNA portal still has a...
  9. D

    DoDMERB Question

    Hey guys, quick question. I just got the scholarship acceptance for the Army ROTC and I was wondering for the medical exam if you have pes planus or flat feet does that get you disqualified for receiving the scholarship?
  10. T

    Remedial Help!

    Dodmerb requested AMI's for DS. One of them is: R222.40 --- REQUIRES A PHYSICIAN'S APPOINTMENT: PHYSICIAN INSTRUCTIONS: Please obtain and forward a Board Certified Radiologist's written interpretation of a NEW radiologic examination of spine; scoliosis/kyphosis study, including at a minimum, a...
  11. T

    The Dreaded Concussion AMI

    Hey all, I'm applying for the USNA with two noms and I've hit the dreaded concussion AMI roadblock. I've already followed the directions in the letter DoDMERB sent me and submitted the requested documentation, but I am still left with a few questions. 1. Will my slot be given away while still...
  12. HopefulAviator

    Waiver Waiting Game

    A little background: (Applying to USAFA) In 2022, I intermittently trialed Vyvanse for attention issues. My last dose was Aug 11, 2022. This is over the 15 months required. I was never diagnosed with adhd or any disorder, I just trialed it. After stopping, my doctor determined that the issues...
  13. L


    I was kind of late to the party on applying, so I took my medical exams somewhat late. On DoDMERB's website, it now says I am medically qualified. This changed today. Will this be a problem since it is past the 1/31 deadline for applying? It's still showing up as "incomplete" in the application...
  14. M

    My Application Process

    Hello everyone, I recently accepted an offer of appointment to USNA and wanted to share my experience just in case it may help someone else out in the future. I applied to both USMMA and USNA and was offered both appointments. I have a Track and Field Varsity Letter, am the XO of my JROTC...
  15. Y

    AFROTC DoDMERB Waiver Likelyhood

    I'm joining AFROTC this fall and I do fear about my waiver likelihood. I was previously accepted however I chose to wait another year before joining to make sure I can secure a waiver. My situation is: 1. I was diagnosed with ADD, depression, and anxiety when I was around 11-12 after being...
  16. F

    Waiver Denied

    I just learned yesterday that my waiver for USNA was denied, but I have not yet begun to fight (thank you John Paul Jones). I can and will appeal their decision, so I wanted to ask if anybody has any advice or experience with the appeal process they would be willing to share. Or are there...
  17. O

    What should my physician address in a letter?

    I was DQ'ed for high-frequency hearing loss in one ear (very minor btw). My ENT doctor told me it is not a problem at all and that he does not ever see it being an issue for service or life in general. It is not progressive and is only at a very high frequency so it pretty much just means I...
  18. C

    What do Waiver Authorities Look for in a Candidate?

    I've recently been DQ'd for a case of CECS that was successfully surgically treated a little under a year ago. I'm wondering what exactly are the criteria for granting a waiver. I've returned to full activity with no further issues. I've submitted my surgical notes and a letter from my treating...
  19. T

    Eczema Waiver Granted ~ What are my chances?

    I was medically disqualified for a history of eczema on 11/29 by DoDMERB and was waived by USNA on 12/10. This is exciting because I do not have an LOA and the pharmacy records I submitted to DoDMERB included prescriptions from only 2 years ago to treat eczema which initially led me to believe...
  20. I

    When I try to make an account on the DoDMERB website, it says that I'm not in the System

    I'm trying to sign up for the DoDMERB exam and the website won't let me make an account. My two brothers who have already gone through the exam didn't experience this issue. What do I need to do to in order to make an account so I can schedule an appointment?