1. Beka


    I completed my initial medical exams in early September just before DODMERB system went down. AMI was requested of me and that appointment was also completed. My DODMETS account says case closed meaning it was all sent to DODMERB. Checking my account status through DODMERB, it says awaiting...
  2. M

    DODMERB Remedial Question

    Just received an update to my dodmerb application (finally). My files are now in there but it is waiting for my remedial. What specifically is it asking for? I can’t find much info on it. Do I just type up a document answering it’s questions, print it out, sign it and email it as a pdf? I found...
  3. U

    Remedial Help

    Good Afternoon All, My DoDMERB file says, "Correspondence Posted - Remedial(s) with clin Remedial(s)" and for each academy below, it says, "Current Medical Status: Awaiting Receipt of Remedial." Does anyone know if this means that my Remedial is on file and going to be under review? Or does...
  4. K

    Medical DQ Question

    Good evening all, I was disqualified from service due to a few mental health claims made by a doctor earlier in life that was only resolved on my medical record after my DoDMERB process. I received a DoDMERB update on behalf of the Academy that states I am "Awaiting Receipt of Remedial" and...
  5. U

    DODMERB height problem

    Good afternoon, I recently looked at my file that was submitted to DoDMERB, and I believe that my doctor wrote down the incorrect height for me. I am 70.5 inches but the doctor wrote that I am 60.5 inches. I also weigh 176 pounds. Does anyone know what I should do?
  6. Y

    DODMERB Waiver Problem -- Can't Get My Own Records!

    I am in a dilemma. I am currently an army ROTC MS 1 (freshman) with a 3 year national scholarship pending (my cadre upgraded it to a 3.5 year scholarship😁), but I have an issue with my medical records. I have to provide my pharmacy records for the last four years. I have been unable to do so...
  7. B

    AMI Submission to DoDMERB

    " R251.15 - Release to Full/Unrestricted Activities regarding your athletes foot infection from your doctor " This is what is required of me from DoDMERB in order to become medically qualified. However, I am at a complete loss as to how to provide this information to them. I have talked to my...
  8. Joonko

    No Contact At All?

    Hello everyone, I recently received an LOA to USAFA and all that's left in my application is the medical examination process. I am an overseas applicant in South Korea (non-military) and was never contacted by the DoDMERB. Over the past two months, I've tried to contact both their email and...
  9. P

    Did I make a mistake? (Dodmerb)

    Hello, I currently have my LOA to USMA and am waiting on medical results. However, the only thing that is bugging me is the fact that I said yes to having braces because although I do not have braces anymore, I feel as though my answer could be misconstrued as me currently having braces...
  10. U

    Remedial "L2013"?

    Good Evening all, I received an email from DoDMERB asking for additional information. In the email, they said: The requested information is as follows: L2013 R254.20 - 3-day blood pressure check The 3-day blood pressure check is attached to the email, but there is nothing else. Does...
  11. N

    DODMERB Concerns

    Hello! I'm a candidate for USAFA and I am currently going through the medical evaluation process. I am concerned about my possible asthma history. My doctor has prescribed me Albuterol Sulfate in the past. I used it in 2017, when I was under 13, for pre-asthmatic concerns. I haven't used...
  12. K

    DoDMERB Case is "Incomplete-Closed"?

    I took my DoDMERB eye exam and physical in early October and still haven't received any update since October 26th when my file was updated to "Incomplete-Closed". I have emailed the help desk and have done everything I can to find some updates and still know nothing. What do I do now?
  13. M

    DODMERB Waiver Request w/LOA: What do I do now?

    Sorry for the lengthy question, but a little background: I am a Class of 2027 applicant who has received two LOAs to USNA and USMA as well as noms to both from my local MOC. When the DODMERB site was up, the two waiver requests from both academies appeared for the same condition in early...
  14. M

    DoDMERB down?

    Is down, or is it just me
  15. G

    Medication Follow-up question blank screen DODMETS

    Hello everyone, I am filling out my questionnaire, and I have completed every section except for the follow-up question for the Medications. When I navigate to that section, it gives me a blank screen, preventing me from filling it out and completing my questionnaire. I have tried opening...
  16. P

    DoDMERB Post Commissioning but Pre EAD?

    Hello, Would DoDMERB still oversee someone who has commissioned out of AFROTC into the inactive ready reserves (IRR) but not entered active duty (EAD) yet? I know someone considering a medication that, while approved for active duty use (even for flying personnel without any adverse side...
  17. R

    DODMERB disqualification from NROTC for "asthma, reactive airway disease, or exercise induced bronchospasm after age 13"

    Hello, As the subject says, I got DQ'd for asthma. However I have never used an inhaler, one was prescribed to me becuase I had a cough due to the flu last year but I never even picked it up. Did the breathing test via the pulmonologist and the doctor said I did not have asthma. Sent the...
  18. W

    I live in a foreign country overseas and cannot finish my DoDMETS profile. What do I do?

    Hi, I am a dependent of an Officer currently stationed in Stuttgart, Germany. Since I am currently in the application process, I was recently notified that it was time to login to DoDMETS and complete a profile. Unfortunately, the profile needs an American address and phone number, which I...
  19. N

    Chances of getting a waiver

    Hello, I just heard back from DoDMERB that I have disqualifying components to my physical. I had arthroscopic knee surgery this past June and they were able to fix the problem. I have returned to full activity and completed NSI in July. I was wondering what my chances of getting a waiver are...
  20. N

    History of ankolosyng spondolytis

    Nrotc DoDMERB waiver denied for history of AS. Just completed New Student Indoc at Great Lakes with no issues. High marks on PRT. Two sport varsity athlete. No issues during Navy physical exam. No physical limitations or pain or injury. DQ based solely on self reported history from clinical...