1. E

    ALO and DODMERB Questions

    Hello all, I'm a candidate for the class of 2026, and submitted my candidate kit a few days ago. I've emailed my Evaluator ALO to set up an interview, but he hasn't responded yet. I'm not worried about that because I know they got a lot to do, but I was wondering how long the interviews...
  2. cheez-it

    DODMETS Exam Results Status

    Hello! Quick question on my physical and optical exam results and DODMETS: When can I expect my completed physical and optical exam results to be updated onto the DODMETS "view status" page after the provider submits them? I completed my physical exam and optical exam on October 8 and...

    Disqualification Question

    Hello all! I am writing this post because I seek the help of Mr. Mullen and any others who might have insight into my situation. Last week I received a disqualification notice from DoDMERB for an issue that I believe was misdiagnosed due to the fact that it was asymptomatic and had never been...
  4. M

    DoDMERB waivers with eating disorder, anxiety (other specified), and EpiPen

    Hi there! I am 20yr old female and going through the dodmerb process right now. I am an AFROTC cadet and hopefully should be going to field training this year (as500 because dodmerb wasnt cleared in time) So some background, when I was 16 I was a competitive swimmer and generally very active...
  5. A


    Hi, It is my dream to join Air Force. I contacted a recruiter and was about to join; however, I read that past medical history. I was prescribed ADHD medication by a doctor who eventually lost her license to practice (never had IEP) but recently got off the medication this past year. I took ACT...
  6. D

    Concussion Disqualification

    I posted about this in the DoDMERB section but I figured that this would be more active and it does also pertain to USMA. I was diagnosed with a concussion my sophomore year of high school in a football game, I was cleared within the week and played the next game. I've had no lasting effects...
  7. nunz6

    DoDMERB Question

    Hello everyone! I have recently completed the entire DoDMERB process and was deemed medically qualified. I completed the process through the West Point Portal. That being said, I am a little confused on how to know that my results will be sent to USNA. I do not remember letting DoDMERB know...
  8. F

    Mood disorder/zoloft

    Looking for opinion and advice on non-typical situation. My daughter did some counceling and zoloft for about 4 months due to covid isolation limiting class / social life. As things opened up she was fine and the doctor considered the “mood disorder” resolved and took her off the medication...
  9. M

    Peanut Allergy Issue- NROTC

    Hello, I have a mild peanut allergy and DODMERB gave me a medical DQ because of it. When I was being considered for a waiver to USNA, they requested additional information consisting of a remedial exam. This remedial exam requested me to consult an allergist and obtain a skin test as well as an...
  10. C

    How Screwed Am I? One-time Drug Use During AFROTC.

    I will keep this somewhat brief, because I am extremely ashamed and need to get a clear answer of how to proceed. Recently, I was extremely stupid and drank a bit too much, which led me to hitting a bong exactly one time. It was one of the worst experiences of my life, as I got extremely sick...
  11. T

    DODMERB Evaluation Preparation - 48 hours before

    Hey! So I have an upcoming DODMERB Medical examination and I'm currently in summer training for Cross Country but the instructions say to not do any strenuous exercise for 48 hours prior to the medical exam and not to drink caffeine 24 hours before. Does anyone who has gone through this process...
  12. C

    DODMERB DQ for Knee Injury

    I'm a 4-Year AROTC national scholarship winner. I tore my meniscus playing soccer in April and got a partial meniscectomy at the start of May. I did my DODMERB exam in mid-June and was doing well enough to have no issues with mobility, but I was disqualified for having surgery within 3 months of...
  13. V


    I’ve been trying to send out AMI Results from my remedial testing and my coordinator isn’t getting any of the documents. The documents have been sent in PDF format via email.
  14. M

    Waiver for now-benign headaches???

    I am joining AFROTC on a type-1 this upcoming fall and need a qualifying DoDMERB to contract of course. The only remedial I have remaining on my DoDMERB is a “history of headaches that affected my performance or required prescription medication within the last two years”, which is almost the...
  15. V

    Eye sight NROTC

    I have a question, so recently I was told that I have been DQ’d only because my eye sight is not correctable to 20/20. I have been to my eye doctor a few months before, and they have said that my eye sight is correctable to 20/20 ( I wear glasses). Now it says that my medical status is Under...
  16. M

    Peanut Allergy Waiver Possibility- USNA

    Hello, I am graduating high school in about a month (class of 2021), and still am pending a waiver for USNA due to a non-anaphylactic peanut allergy. I have a final exam in about a week for an ingestion and skin test, and am curious if anyone has any knowledge regarding this area. I have...
  17. S

    Fire ant allergy not recorded in medical history

    I developed an allergy to fire ants that needs an Epipen after my DoDMERB exam. I let the DoDMETS CIV Team know about this new development over phone and they told me to shoot an email regarding any changes in my medical history. I did as they told an now I find out after I received my...
  18. V


    So I’m completing my DODMERB paperwork and I put down I had ADD back in 2012. I took meds for 1 year and that’s it because the doctors saw that I didn’t need it. Since then I haven’t taken any meds nor do I have any health conditions, so my question is will I be automatically disqualified? -I’m...
  19. P

    What to do if medically misdiagnosed then disqualified because of it?

    Hey, I am an AS400 in AFROTC and am a month and a half away from commissioning...until yesterday. I went to see a neurologist in January for headaches that I get, and the eventual diagnoses was atypical migraines 3-4 episodes a week for a few hours each. After that I submitted it DodMerb through...
  20. E

    Medical Update

    I am in physical therapy for my knees and shoulder. It is ongoing and doc says I will recover in 6-8 weeks. Do I report this to DODMERB now, or wait until I recover and THEN report it with all the documents?