1. E

    Test Question

    Are the medical and optometry exams the only things we need for DODMERB? I’ve heard people talk about orthodontic exams but that doesn’t even pop up on my DODMETS portal. can someone clarify?
  2. F

    A few DODMERB questions

    I have finished my exams, yet I have a few lingering issues that I want to get resolved as quickly as possible. I am applying to USNA and NROTC. First, in the events section of my DODMERB-DMACS form, will my eye exam results be shown? I took it way before my whole body exam, yet it does not show...
  3. E

    Should I take the exam?

    I am a little hesitant to schedule my exam because I currently have a knee injury. I am planning on going to the doctor soon but I want to be in decent shape before taking the exam, in terms of health. Should I go ahead and schedule the exam now or should I wait until it heals? thank you.
  4. O

    AMI Request Help

    Alright, I'm in a bit of a pickle here. My application is complete and I even have my congressional nomination, but I had an AMI request from DODMERB. It shouldn't have been an issue as I'm fine and the records are on the up-n-up, so I tried to contact the person on the form I received through...
  5. B

    Remedial Request

    I recently was alerted that I had a remedial Request. They just want some documentation for a hospital visit. This wasnt a serious visit and I won't be disqualified for the details that arise from this. Does this mean that aside from the extra documentation, I am largely qualified?
  6. E

    Too late for DoDMERB

    So I’ve been pretty ignorant towards how long the medical exam can be for my West Point Application. I’m currently in the “request scheduling stage” and I’m worried I won’t be able to get everything done in time for West Points January 31st deadline. I don’t think there’s anything in my medical...
  7. K

    ADHD Waiver Help (AFROTC)

    To explain my situation. When I was younger I was diagnosed and given medication for ADHD and took that medication for a while. December of 2018 was the date of my last prescription (although I stopped taking it in like august of that year). So this month is my 2-year point of no meds. I NEVER...
  8. E

    Questionnaire Error

    When I was filling out the “basic questions” portion of the medical history survey, I accidentally clicked “yes” for the question “do you wear dental braces or Invisalign?” I do not currently wear either, but I have worn them in the past. I put this in the remarks section. It is not letting me...
  9. E

    COVID-19 Vaccine

    I am currently on the payroll of a long term care facility and will be receiving the first round of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines. Do you recommend that I take this vaccine? I am worried that side effects or any other complication could DQ me during DODMERB examination (I have heard...
  10. E

    Deadline question

    I’m confused on what is considered a “fully complete” application. if I have finished everything except for my DODMERB exam, is my application considered complete? I ask this because Deputy Chief Mullen said that “DoDMERB has NO deadlines. An applicant should be in final medical status...
  11. E

    DoDMERB Deadline

    Is the deadline for completing the DODMERB January 31st or March 31st? I have heard both but I’m not sure.
  12. 1

    Am I DQ’d? 4 year contracted AROTC

    Hey everyone, I’ll try to make this quick, my stress has been through the roof lately. I received a 4-Year AROTC scholarship my senior year and I have completed my MSI and MSII years with the scholarship. I am currently taking an LOA while I transfer schools. Between June and now, I have been...
  13. A

    When will USAFA initiate the waiver process?

    I was medically disqualified by DODMERB on September 15th. I completed my USAFA application on October 18th. On average, how long after application completion will USAFA request a waiver? The Candidate Booklet reads, "If you are competitive for an appointment to the Air Force Academy or one of...
  14. K

    Waived denied due to Myopia

    Today I found out that my waiver for Air Force ROTC was denied. The reasoning was my myopia. Previously, I was at USMA where I was granted a waiver for my myopia. They told my cadre that even though the Army took me before, AF has different standards for it. I was told that my physical exceeds...
  15. H

    DODMERB still valid?

    I got my DODMERB exam done in early November 2018. From everything that I've read, those exams are supposed to expire 2 years from the date of the exam. Note: I originally got the DODERB done in 2018 as a senior in high school for the Naval Academy. I took a year off school, and was awarded an...
  16. E

    DODMERB Date

    Hi, I was wondering when a date would appear on my application portal. I have finished the majority of my application except for the CFA, which I need to retake. Is there a way to get a head start on the process? I hear it takes a while. Thanks in advance
  17. C

    Got sick, symptoms went away. Am I required to answer yes to history of these symptoms?

    When I was a sophomore, I got sick with a sinus infection. I was prescribed an inhaler and antibiotics, and I was diagnosed with a symptom being shortness of breath. However, when I took the meds, the problem went away. The inhaler had no effect, and I didn’t use it. Am I still required to...
  18. BeanBoi45


    I took medication for ADHD from the ages of 11-14, stopping just before beginning high school. What are the odds that this will DQ me medically? Does anyone have any experience with a DD or DS that has had ADHD? Thank you!
  19. X

    Odds of DoDMERB DQ?

    Hello, recently received remedial for asthma past 13th birthday. It wasn’t asthma, just bronchospasm after influenza. It was flagged due to doctor prescribing inhaler one time as a precaution. I never used the inhaler and it was a one time prescription. I completed a pulmonary function test and...
  20. H

    DoDMERB error. Please Help

    I just have received my results for the DoD medical standards and there is a major error. I was disqualified for D161.21-History of surgery for peptic ulceration or perforation. I did not have surgery for this issue. The doctors had indicated that it was a freak instance that could have been...