1. D

    ADHD Waiver Process Time?

    Hi Everyone, My DS is currently Under Waiver Review due to ADHD. Does anyone know how long we should expect this process to take? He was diagnosed prior to kindergarten, never took medication and had his IEP terminated when he was 12 (all things he included in his medical survey). His JROTC...
  2. FØB Zero

    Congenital dislocation

    Unfortunately, I have read that this is premenantly disqualifying.... is it likely I can get a waiver if I’ve been involved in sports all my life and have seen no issues ever? Any input would be great. @MullenLE
  3. M

    Transfer MEPS Physical to DoDMERB

    Hello guys! So I just came back from MEPS and have been qualified. My recruiter for enlistment told me that I could use the MEPS result for USAFA (I'm doing reserve as a backup). How do I forward the MEPS results to DoDMERB? Thank you for any response!:):):wave:
  4. G

    Dodmerb and CFA Mile

    Couple of questions regarding the Dodmerb: I scheduled my eye exam through the Dodmerb website and then when I show up the optometrist says they don't do that kind of medical exam and their corporate office has made a mistake. How can I be more specific when I reschedule somewhere else to avoid...
  5. E

    Would I be able to get a second doctor's opinion if my results are DQing

    my eye doctor did the book depth perception test and while I think I nailed the number and circle part of it when he asked "what do you see on this page" with a fly with wings hovering above it i stupidly said "a fly" he didn't ask about the wings, so i didn't say anything about them so now I'm...
  6. B

    Medical History

    On the background questions for the medical exam, it says if you've had a past history of a certain ailment. Do I still answer yes to something I don't remember even if I no longer suffer from it?
  7. S

    DoDMERB Waiver Mood Disorder

    I feel that my question may be repetitive and asked a million times but I want to ensure i'm not missing anything critical and can work out my plan b's c's etc if need be. I am currently an MSI in Army ROTC at University of Portland on a 3-year AD scholarship. Prior to arriving at UP I completed...
  8. D

    Air Force Pilot Vision Requirements

    Hi All, I've been doing some research on the USAF FC1 Refraction requirements for eyesight. My prescription is as follows Right Eye: Sphere: -4.75 Cylinder: -1.00 Axis: 015 Left Eye: Sphere: -5.25 Cylinder: -1.00 Axis: 163 I’m trying to figure out if I will need to get LASIK or PRK in order...
  9. S

    An Inconsistency With Medical Records

    I was looking through my medical health summary, and I realized there is some irregularities with the records. 1) I remember getting a very minor fracture in my skull when I was around 5 years old and getting stitches for the injury. I got the treatment at the same hospital that I am currently...
  10. M

    Alopecia and DODmerb

    I have a Cadet ‘22 and My youngest son is a CC for 2025. He is finished enough with his USMA application to get DODmerb information. He is scheduling his physical and filling out his forms. I am nervous about his DODmerb because he has alopecia. Does anyone have a cadet who has alopecia...
  11. H

    USNA DoDMERB (specifically drug and alcohol abuse)

    Hello, I had a couple questions regarding underage drug and alcohol usage and the effects it has on my application. First off, does the Naval Academy drug test during the DoDMERB exam? If so, is it a hair test or a urine test? Secondly, (and this is a hypothetical scenario) if someone used...
  12. M


    Hello. I apologize if this information is out there, I searched the forums and couldn't find anything. I am applying for USMA, USAFA, and USNA and am scheduled for my medical exams next week. Unfortunately, my parents informed me that I had Legg-Calve-Perthes disease at the age of 4 as I was...
  13. E

    Can you have scoliosis and get an appointment to the USMA?

    I have a slight curvature of my spine. According to a specialist, it’s nothing serious enough to wear a brace or undergo treatment, but it’s still pretty curved. In addition to this, my neck is a little bent forward, I guess because of all the time I spend on my phone. Will this negatively...
  14. E

    Can you have acne and go to West Point?

    I am a candidate for the class of 2025 for WP and I have some acne and acne scars. There is minimal scarring on my face and there is almost noacne either, however, I have a lot of scars and acne on my upper arms. I am undergoing treatment but am not on Accutane. Can I still attend, or is this...
  15. T

    Thank you + advice for USNA applicants

    Signing off the USNA board after not receiving an appointment, and grateful to many on this forum. Thank you to everyone who posted - we didn't log in a lot, but we read the boards often. As a result, we've recommended them to many people. At this point we are very reflective and feel like...
  16. M

    What do the asterisks mean?

    Hi everyone, So I was looking up the medical qualifications at and I realized there are different asterisks [*, **, ***] next to different disqualifications. I couldn't find a key explaining what they meant, and I was wondering if...
  17. B

    Medical Waiver for NROTC College Program

    Hello, When I was applying for the USNA, DoDMERB deemed me medically disqualified but said I may be eligible for a medical waiver. Because I was not offered appointment to USNA this year, they did not proceed to review my medical history. So, I was wondering how I could obtain a medical waiver...
  18. D

    AFROTC waiver for an IEP, that has had little impact on my academics.

    Hey, sorry for another one of these questions, but I haven't found a forum regarding my question, so here I am. So I have an IEP, it's just for extra time in class and that's it. I haven't ever needed medication for it, and I haven't used the accommodations in a year. My high school GPA was a...
  19. N

    May 15 Waiver Deadline?

    I am a USCGA Scholars conditional appointee and I have had a waiver in the works for about a month now. I have heard of a May 15th waiver deadline thrown around on this forum and I was wondering if anybody knows the validity of that date.
  20. FØB Zero


    Hi, If I do not get ‘pilot qualified’ after DoDMERB vision testing, will I be unable to graduate as a pilot? Or can I get PRK at the academy (and how do they decide who gets PRK)? Thank you!