1. 2

    Just curious

    I wonder how many candidates (ROTC/SAs/OCS) are DoDMERB qualified without needing a waiver (that is, they make the DoDI 6130.03 requirements). Seems to me that this percentage would be quite low considering the number of people on here with DQs and waivers.
  2. S

    Does a LOA help my chances of being medically waived?

    Hello, so I received my LOA recently and have already been asked to go to a paid visit to West Point for later this month (yayy), which is great and all but I'm very nervous about being medically disqualified. I have two conditions that I know for sure are grounds for disqualification but I was...
  3. J

    Daughter asked to complete DODMERB in first month of college/AFROTC

    Daughter is in AFROTC in freshman year of college. Was in JROTC in HS. Has now been asked to do DODMERB. Any ideas why? Should she discuss this with instructors?
  4. M

    Go through OSUT or wait for ROTC contract

    Hello, I'm an MSII at my schools AROTC Batallion. I fell like I'm in a very very critical moment of decision making in my life and would like some wisdom passed down or any advice. So basically, I enlisted in July of 2018 with my programs NG Recruiter. Ever since then, I've been drilling at RSP...
  5. T

    Army ROTC Medical Questions

    I’m a sophomore in college right now and I was planning on joining the ROTC. My plan was to take a year off college, enlist in the regular army first, and then join the ROTC as an SMP. (I know that you don’t have to enlist beforehand but I want to do it.) So the problem is that recently I was...
  6. M

    DODMERB Urine Test

    Does the DODMERB still have a urine test? If so what does it test for?
  7. 2

    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

    So here is the situation: I was last seen for "asthma" approximately one month after my 13th birthday. I already know this will result in a DQ. I have never been prescribed any medication or seen for asthma after that date; however, the word "asthma" still appears in my conditions to this day...
  8. 2

    Asthma 1 Month After 13th Birthday

    sorry dont know how to delete a post
  9. SundanceKidd

    Report to DoDMERB that I went to a chiropractor?

    Around middle July, I started going to a chiropractor to help with my posture, I am attending a military academy in a few weeks. I have notoriously bad posture (according to my mom) and by strengthening my back muscles with PT exercises, I have made my posture much better. I went to MEPS in...
  10. W

    What to Expect

    I just picked up a two-year Advanced Standing contract with the Navy ROTC, what can I expect to happen next, or timelines related to things such as DoDMERB? The only thing I know so far is to report to my unit when I return to school to sign some papers, as my CO said over the phone. Thank you...
  11. M

    Misdiagnosed Vocal Cord Dysfunction

    When I was 13, I saw an allergist for problems with my exercise. I think I just wasn't in shape, but convinced myself it was a problem with my breathing (which is normal for an unconditioned person). I was given an inhaler but tested negative twice for exercise induced bronchospasm. They...
  12. N

    Spinal Fusion Waiver

    Has anyone actually been able to get a waiver for spinal fusion? Whether it be for AFROTC or Air Force enlisted, or Air Force Reserves? If so can you please explain your process and how you did it. I haven’t been able to find anything online that deals with spinal fusion. Thank you.
  13. C

    DQ for an issue I don’t have

    Hello! I am currently going through the DODMERB process for AFROTC. I recently had knee surgery to remove a plica (which is synovial tissue- NOT a tendon). After turning in the remedials for my knee, I was told I was disqualified for recurrent tendon disorder. I did not have anything done to...
  14. L

    DODMERB Pending Disqualification: Diplopia

    Hello, I recently attended my DODMETS initial exams (audiological and optical). I have worn glasses my entire life (although my vision is only slightly off of perfect and easily correctible to 20/20 in both eyes) and attended optical exams yearly since I was 2. When I attended the optical...
  15. S

    I still haven't received an email from DodMerb

    I emailed by BGO and he told me that I have finished 2/3s of the application and he said I should receive the DodMerb application soon. This was two weeks ago and I still have not recieve any such email, how much longer should I wait?
  16. curiousas250

    Nasal septum perforation

    As a kid I used to pick my nose pretty often but grew out of that habit as I matured. During DoDMERB I didn’t disclose any history of issues with my nose so I never had any, or ever saw the doctor for any of these issues as well. As a result I was medically cleared quite quickly...
  17. S

    Dodmerb Exzema waiver story

    I would like to share my DD’s story since it is finally resolved and I have found this forum to be so very helpful. She has had so many ups and downs and dissapointments in the past year and has lived in that awful state of not knowing.... So here is the story, I hope it will give some...
  18. J

    Request for Personal Statement

    Hi everyone, I just spoke with the medical tech at DODMERB a month after my initial physical exam, and was told that instead of DQ'ing me, they want a personal statememt regarding my history of scoliosis (no longer have it). What should I write in this letter? Is it possible I'll get DQ'd...
  19. G

    Applicant pending Disqualification for D153.00

    I received this notification today regarding my AFROTC DodMERB review. The letter states my file will be reviewed by the medical WA, but from the posts I have reviewed it looks difficult to receive a waiver from the WA. This is for a Type 1 Scholarship. Is there anything I can do or someone I...
  20. A

    Worried about DoDMERB process

    Long story short, while I was enlisted I had a small hernia from working out. I went to the ER and they ran scans on it as a precaution. Coincidentally they found a cyst on my liver and pancreas through the scans. After many exams and organ function tests, I checked out 100%. The cysts were...