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Discussion in 'ROTC' started by Jcleppe, Jun 30, 2010.

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    Ok, I have tried to get an answer from Cadet Command on this but have had no luck as of yet. This is regarding the Army Scholarship Application. Trying to be a good parent I offered to help my son get started with the application. We logged on and filled out the first page, I believe it was the registration page. The mistake was that I filled that first page out to get him started. In doing so I mixed up his name, I put his middle name where his first name was supposed to go, and of course I clicked continue. We then clicked "Begin Application" and of course now all the pages has his name wrong. We stopped at that point, and then he yelled a bit at me and like a good Dad I took my lumps. I called cadet command and emailed them with no response. I tried to find a way to go back and change the name but it won't let me back to that screen.

    My question is....has anybody else had a similar problem, if so do you know how to proceed. We thought of just opening up a new account and starting over but we are afraid that there will be 2 names out there with the same SS#. Like I said above we did not go any further with the application and did not submit the application, the mistake was just on the first page that registers you and auto fills the information onto all the forms.

    If anybody has any advise we would appreciate it very much. Of course the transcripts and counselor form was sent today by his school so we would like to get the application done before they receive all this info and not know who it belongs to.

    By the way I have learned my lesson about computers....they are understood far better by the young, us Dad's should just step aside.

    Thank you for any help.
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    Yeah its really no problem. I misspelled my name on the application when I applied last year, and I just emailed my POC at cadet command and they fixed it. I realized it was misspelled after I had completed most of the application, and it took awhile for them to correct it. I had my interview before they corrected it and I just told the LTC who gave me the interview that it was misspelled and he said it was ok. You might want to let a PMS at your sons 1st choice know too, because in my experience they are much more helpful than the POCs.

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