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    my son's transcript was sent in at the end of august along with the required form that guidance fills out. the application web site was updated to show that the transcript was recieved in early september. it stayed with that comment for several weeks while other categories were listing received and processed. then it switched in mid-sept to say the transcript was missing.

    the strange thing was they had obviously recieved and done something with the transcript because on the same date his GPA was updated. my sons guidance counselor called to see what exactly was missing and was told academy admissions had received everything they needed and his file was complete but the system just needed to be updated.
    we waited until this past friday when my son called and spoke to his academy counselor who again said everything was complete but the transcript was out of his file being reviewed by someone and the system would update when he got it back. today, we received a card in the mail saying his transcript was missing and to send it.

    Does anyone have any idea what's up? should we resend everything again? we have to send in an update with his new class rank anyways but if we send everything again will that totally screw things up and delay his file? he has had everything else submitted and processed since mid- september.
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    If you're sending in an updated "Class Rank", it won't hurt to send in an new Transcript. It's not like anything has changed. Semester doesn't get over until December. But, you call call the academy admissions counselor and ask them: "Why did I get this card saying my transcript is missing"? FWIW; you're not the 1st and you won't be the last to get online admin errors. Especially this time of year. When you finish your application in July/August, it's usually correct quickly. Not too many files to look at. Now, they basically manually go through all the applications trying to make sure they are ready to get to the board. They may not have had a chance to check and update the online application status. (FWIW; the board doesn't look at the online to see if everything is completed. The counselors and such ensure your application is complete and ready). When I had questions about the online application, I always gave it to thursday to update. If it wasn't updated, I had my son call on Friday morning to get the academy to address it. This gave them a day or two to fix it until Monday, when they started reviewing the packages. Me, I'd call them and ask them about the post card. I'd also go to your school, with an envelope that is stamped and labled. Have the high school put in the new Class ranking and a new transcript. Then I'd take it to the post office and mail it. "Don't let your high school counselor do it. They don't have the same level of urgency as you. Good luck. Mike....

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