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    Ok so I am applying to the class of 2016 and I am dead set on getting into the academy no matter what it takes. My problem is that during my first few years of high school I didnt apply myself because I had no idea that service academies even existed and honestly didnt care about school. I still did ok but but by the time I discovered the academy, the damage was already done. Here is where I stand now.

    3.0GPA, Class Rank:274/502, ACT English 30, Math 28, Reading 27, Science 28

    I already received a nomination from my congressman. I am medically qualified. My ALO went flawlessly. I received great feedback from my ALO. I have a ton of extracurricular activities including Girl Scouts, CAP, 4 years of varsity golf, 4 years of basketball (2 varsity), 4 years of soccer (2 varsity), club soccer, church youth group, tons of community service, youth leader at multiple retreats, and took a pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Spain. I'm hoping my CFA scores and extracurriculars will balance out my poor academics. What do you think my chances are of getting a nomination for the class of 2016? If I dont recieve an appointment, do you think I have a good chance of getting a falcon foundation scholarship or getting into the prep school?

    Sorry for the extremely long post. I'm just very worried about this. I'm willing to apply as many times as it takes and do anything to go to the Air Force Academy. I just am hoping for a second opinion on if I stand a chance at getting in at any point. Thanks and again sorry this is so long.
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    From your post, I think you already know you're low academically. Nevertheless, you have a lot going for you (nomination, great extra curricular, etc.) Hang in there. Make sure you have a plan B and C, but a prep school isn't too long of a shot for you. Good luck.
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    I agree with MikeandCris. All you can do at this point is hope for the best. You are competing against others in your congressional district. Since no one here is privy to their stats, it would only be speculation on our part. You should be proud that you have done your best to get into USAFA. If you do not get in, continue on improving your GPA your senior year and kick butt on your college classes wherever you go.

    Regarding Falcon or prep school, I’ll let people with more experience chime in. I do know that if you are offered either that you should accept them. Best wishes. :thumb:
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    From your stats I would say unless you are good enough to be recruited for one of the sports you play, the Air Force prep school is probably unlikely and I am guessing direct entry is also a bit unlikely, however, from my understanding you are pretty much exactly the type of person who might receive a falcon foundation scholarship. Someone can correct me if I got this wrong, but my impression was that those went to individuals who were a bit weak academically but who had a lot of potential in other areas, specifically a lot of leadership experience.

    Another thing, have you taken the SAT? And how many times have you taken the ACT? your scores are good, but these are the averages for the class of 2014, which was considerably less competitive than 2016 will be because of the reduction in force going on right now.

    Average SAT Verbal - 640
    Average SAT Math - 666
    Average ACT English - 30
    Average ACT Math - 30
    Average ACT Reading - 30
    Average ACT Science Reasoning - 30

    It is probably too late to take it again for the class of 2016 (I actually don't know what the official deadline is) but if you do not get in this year and are really set on it, improving your GPA by going to a college (not a community college, a real 4 year one) and improving your ACT and SAT will help you out a lot.

    Good luck and I hope you succeed. I have truly enjoyed my 3.5 years at USAFA and while I will be happy to graduate in May, I think I will still miss it sometimes.

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