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  • No problem. I wish him the best. I also want to say GOOD ON YOU for taking time out of your life and trying to be a parental voice. That is what this world needs. More people who stop their life to assist others.
    Mike, what a crazy year. It went by so slow, it went by so fast. Your comments regarding the day your son received his appointment in front of other students reminded me of what an amazing year it has been. Tyler has declared his major, Civil Engineering. Will be in Squadron 15 and says he has interviewed and has received a staff position for his new squadron. He'll be home for the first session, UAS for the second and "bugs and bunnies" for the last. I hope that all is well with yours as well. Parents Week 2011 just around the corner. Enjoy your time with Ryan, John
    Hi John, great to hear from you. We didnt go to A Day either....but we're making big plans for Parents Weekend. Ryan has Japanese, Chem, Calc, and Engineering among other things. So far so good.....but this is a tough week because all his friends back home are having parties before heading in their separate directions. We'll be there Thursday Sept 2 and all day on Friday....plus the game on Saturday. We'll be at the Hyatt Place for two nights and then up near Boulder for two nights. I hope to see you and say hi. Take care, Mike
    Hi Mike, how was A-Day? Worth attending? I read that it rained before they got their boards. Where do you and your son end up having lunch that day? Tyler was given German for a language and Chemistry is tough, but he says that is what weekends are for.

    Take care, John
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