"Application Under DoDMERB Review"


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Mar 6, 2007
Ok. So on 4/3, I checked the dodmerb site and my new status for USNA was "Medical Waiver Denied"... NROTC was still "Pending Waiver Submission/Review" (btw this is after NROTC denied me once but i sent in more stuff).
But today, 4/4, I checked the site and now both USNA and NROTC have a status of "Application Under DoDMERB Review"... I have not seen this before, what does it mean?

It means that currently one or both of your applications are being processed by either one of the DoDMERB reviewers or physicians. I would keep an eye on the DoDMERB web site. It should change in the next week or so.
Thanks for your quick response.
But, I thought that the Academy had the last say on whether I recieved a waiver, and it seems they already decided. What would dodmerb be processing after the waiver denial?
You are correct that the academy has the final say. The system that DoDMERB uses to process files is a little complicated to explain here, but the short and sweet of it is, the reviewer has the option of pulling in just one application or all applications that an applicant has. Most of the time the reviewer will select all applications because it is easier when working an applicant who has multiple applications (in case there are remedials that need to be cleared for all applications). In which case, when he/she pulls that applicant into thier reviewer "box" all the application statuses will change.

So they may not be working with the USNA application, it was just pulled with the NROTC application.
Oh ok that explains it, they probably are looking at my NROTC app again because I asked for it to be reviewed again. Thanks again for the quick response RetNavy.