Jul 18, 2016
DS is applying to WP. Just want to see how ya'll think about his resume.

GPA (unweighted):3.2
SAT: 1450
ACT(superscored): 31

- Gymnastics: 2 Year Varsity, 1 Year JV + 1 Year Captain and State Ranked
- Robotics Club: 3 Years
- Church Praise Band: 2 Years
- Church Leadership Training (It's like some committee): 2 Years
- Homeroom Mentor: 1 Year
- P.E. Leader: 2 Years
- Soccer: 2 Years (no varsity or captain)
- Yearbook Staff Member: 2 Years
- International Volunteering: 400+ hours
- West Point SLE attendee
- Boys State attendee: elected Secretary of the Senate

Also how much do essays factor into his application?
See if he can get on the coach's radar. A lot of this depends on where you live. His gpa is on the low side, so it will depend what else he brings to the table and how competitive your area is.
Also how much do essays factor into his application?
The most important factor is writing a clear, concise, grammatically correct essay that answers the prompt. Unless you write like Hemingway or say something really stupid, the content is not going to help or harm your chances.
What is his weighted GPA and more importantly, class rank? As I understand it, WP focuses more on class rank than GPA.
The GPA weighted or unweighted means very little without the class profile and class rank. They look at what type of classes are offered at your school, did you take the more challenging classes and how well did he do in those classes compared to your peers. Often you will see the GPA in the portal different than actually reported by the school. This is the academy's attempt to normalize grades and look objectively across schools.

His test scores are above the average and he may be able to squeeze one more sitting in. Personally, I feel that test scores are the single most activity that can improve your packet as they can clearly distinguish you from the other applicants. All of the strong candidates have a varsity letter, extracurricular activities, community service and leadership roles, etc and these types of things are important and need to be part of a well rounded application, but it is difficult to differentiate between them.

If that 3.2 unweighted puts him in the top 5% of his class taking a challenging course load his application is on the strong side but that same GPA with the easier class load and top 30% of his class would be on the weaker side.

You also do not know who he is competing against on his nomination slate. He only really competes against the individuals that he shares a nomination with and all of the applicants usually have strong applications.
He took just about every AP and honor course there was and also the school he attends does not rank
Many schools do not publish rank, but the Guidance Office does have and can provide that information.
As others have said, it depends on the slate. What state is your son applying from?
He took just about every AP and honor course there was and also the school he attends does not rank
In the absence of a reported class rank, admissions will create a class rank based on SAT or ACT test score.