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Jul 9, 2006
To all you USMA applicants:

Applications will be in the mail next week! Remember that you only have 60 days to complete your package. That may seem like a long time but remember this is a busy time with school starting especially for those of you in fall varisty sports.
Also, mail in each piece of the application as it is competed - I think there are 7 parts. Do not wait until you have the entire package completed to mail it in. Good Luck to you All!
It's about time! I've been waiting for it forever, since they told me they'd mail it August. I guess "August" meant "absolute end of August!"

Anyway, thanks for the heads-up. I didn't know it was so long.
West Point Prospectives

Anyone received any applications yet? My daughter's file on the website was finally updated! She was pretty excited to see that!
status questions

S submitted CQ in late June.. a week later form letter was received stating that Class rank was missing. Called admissions and told them that the school district does not rank the students - we were told to estimate. We did, verbally. At that time, he was told that his file was complete. SAT scores had arrived, school transcript, etc.
The only other correspondence he has received (1st week of July)was the Presidential nomination letter. Does that mean a application kit is soon to follow? The letter states that he is to work on completing file---application kit, Candidate Fitness Assessment and medical examination.

How are people checking the status of applications?
On the USNA webste, what is the candidite login? How do you get access to that?
Dedicated1, if your son has done the preliminary on USNA website, he should be receiving his package soon if they deemed him qualified. The candidate # & log in information will be in the package. If he'd completed this information a while back, say in June or July, perhaps a quick phone call to admissions to inquire when they will be sending out a candidate package might be in order.

I'll let Just a Mom comment on the USMA application side as I don't know that much about that one. We were GO Kings Point in this house. :) Good luck with the whole application process! Its a devil & completely nerve wracking. But since your son already has a nomination, thats one step down & you're well on your way. Congrats on the nomination!

If I were you I would call USMA admissions immediately.. they may need something in writing from your son's school.
If your son is an official candidate he should have received a "welcome" letter with his sign on and password to log into the site.
Since he doesn't seem to have that I think a call to admissions is in order to see what the next step should be.
Good luck!