Apply for 4 Year ROTC Scholarship as a current 1st semester freshman


Feb 20, 2017
I'm currently a 1st semester freshman at Texas A&M and in the Corps of Cadets. Can you apply for the 4-year ROTC scholarship again as a 1st semester freshman? At the end of this fall semester I'll have 20 credits between TAMU and college courses I've taken in HS. If I can apply for the 4-year ROTC scholarship as a freshman is it the same application that high school students use.

Any advice greatly appreciated - nmchules
The answer is no. Once you are on campus you need to enroll in Army ROTC and compete for campus based scholarships through your program. Programs do it different Clarkson we have a physical board where the Cadet shows up and answers questions for a panel of Cadre and Cadets. Some programs just look at files and stats. You need to be enrolled and ask your Cadre about their process.