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  • Reaching out for 2024 application guidance. I am currently a high school senior and almost have concluded the process. Clarkson is one of my top schools at this point. Hopefully you see this message, I emailed you yesterday as well. Your expertise would be much appreciated. Thank you.
    Hello, I am a senior Marine-option Midshipmen. I know it's a little late in the game but I am beginning to realize that the Army would be a much better fit for me (for the reasons of MOS choices and how they relate to my major). Is there any way to cross-commission or DOR with the intention of commissioning into another surface without accruing debt? Thank you.
    Hello, I am going to MEPs this Thursday and Friday for my 1 Step program to take my ASVAB Thursday and the Physical Friday. Yesterday I took a color blind test and I am partially color blind (just found out) I want an MOS that has to deal with something along the lines of Intelligence work in the Air Force. Will this be an issue at MEPs? If so how bad of a problem is it going to be? Thanks in advance.
    Good Evening Sir,

    I'm currently inquiring about OCS. For the position that I want, I need a GPA minimum of 2.5. There's a chance I could end up with a 2.48 and I graduate in May. If I start a Graduate program and take a class or two, would it bring my GPA up, or reset my GPA entirely?

    Thank you,

    Additionally, if I just took a summer school class at the local community college, would it effect my overall GPA, or would I have to start a completely new degree program?
    I have decided to transfer my AROTC scholarship to another school and have been in contact with the ROO's from both batallions(the one I accepted the scholarship from and the one I am planning to transfer to). However, I am confused on whether to send my request to transfer to the according brigade or just to Cadet Command where I originally accepted my offer. I'm unsure.

    I was told that you are the ROTC expert. My DS didn't get accepted to the school he accepted AROTC for and is now trying to transfer. I have been trying to read all on this, but am turning to you for help. With deposits due May 1 and cc saying transfer notification would be May 6, what do we do? How likely will that transfer be approved and can he do anything to "up" those chances? Thank you!

    Will I have to attend drill if I accept a 3 year Army Reserve scholarship? Would I have to go to basic training? I was told that I have a chance for this scholarship since my Brigade doesn't have any funds to offer me a line scholarship. Any info would be appreciated.


    Clarksonarmy, I just posted a message in the third board waiters (not sure if that was the right place for it) that I believe if anyone has answer to it might be you. We would greatly appreciate any insight. Thank you.

    More than one poster has referred me to you as the person on these boards with the best insights and information about ROTC. As I just posted in a thread on the ROTC forum, my 18 year old son, who aspires to an engineering management degree and an Army commission, has just been cited for his 2nd misdemeanor -- illegal fireworks; the first was a speeding ticket. Our (his and his parents, that is) expectation is that he most likely no longer qualifies for a scholarship, but we are unsure whether he can even hope to commission.

    Coincidentally, he will be interviewing on campus for the Clarkson School on August 4. The appointment was made last week. His name is Adam Marciniak. He will have some serious questions for you, and I want to thank you in advance for being frank and direct with him. We'll all very much appreciate your input and advice.

    Robert Marciniak
    She needs to tell Cadet Command she is requesting a transfer and explain why. If it is because she didn't get in to the school she was offered to, or because she feels the school she wants to transfer to is a better fit. I have seen everything from a couple lines on an email to a full blown one page letter. I think less is better, but there should be a good reason. And you must send in the acceptance letter for the school of choice. If you have a denial or wait list from the offer school all the better.

    Hope that helps.
    Hi Clarksonarmy,

    You seem to be the resident expert on the whole ROTC process. My DD was awarded a 3 year scholarship during this last Board. She would like to start the process of requesting a transfer as it appears as though she has only been given one school choice. We will wait on the official letter but she wanted to get the process started so it is ready to go as soon as she receives the letter. Our question to you is, when she writes the letter of request, should she simply state the school she wants to transfer to or should she be giving specific reasons for the request? She wants to be sure that she presents her case but doesn't want to be too wordy if they want a simple one line request. Thanks for any help and advice you might be able to provide.
    Did he accept the offer and send in the acceptance form? If so the school will probably contact him soon enough. Don't be too concerned if you don't get a lot of information right away. Once your son is locked in they are probably looking for the next one (that's how it usually is for me). He'll probably get instructions for the physical if he hasn't already, and over the summer he'll probably start getting paperwork and information about how the Battalion does their orientation. I could telll you how we do it at Clarkson, but that may or may not be how App state does it. Congrats and good luck.
    Hi ClarksonArmy, based on your role, thought you might be able to provide direction. My son was awarded a 4 yr scholarship to App State and has since been accepted in both the school and the honors program. What is the next step as far a ROTC is concerned? Do they contact him prior to school starting? How do you handle new participants?


    Your GPA will be what your school reports your GPA is. Usually your GPA resets if you attend a new school or start a new degree program. You need to check with your Battalion to see how they plan to calculate and report your GPA. Get a 4.0 in the Fall and you have nothing to worry about.
    Greetings. I will be starting the ROTC advanced course during Fall of 2013 (I have completed BCT and AIT is in progress). I will be working on my Masters as a cadet.

    Is it true that my undergraduate GPA will not be included for the OML score? Everywhere I have been searching says the GPA is cumulative.

    Thank you,
    How long does it take to process an campus based AD3 scholarship?

    DS has been promised an AD3 for months, but we had to wait until the national boards were done. Last week we got a call asking if we were still interested. We said that we were and we are still waiting to see it processed.
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