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    If one is college student, who had not previously gone through the application process... how would they go about applying? Is there a separate path that a college student would have to take in order to apply? Also, would the college that the student was currently attending affect an admissions decision, (for instance, an SMC; even more specifically, NU) or does it not matter in any shape or form whatsoever? One last thing (I promise) do high school grades affect your admission chances at all once you've graduated high school and moved on to college?

    Thank you in advance for any insight you might have!!
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    I'm sure that others more knowledgeable will chime in on a couple of your questions, but my DS applied for the first time the summer before he began college. There is no separate path for college students, just follow the regular application process. He got his HS math and English teachers to write the letters of rec before school was out his senior year and sent in his high school transcript. Type of college--yes. If possible, choose a 4 year school. Everything affects how the board makes decisions about the applicant, so high school performance factors into the decision. Hope that's helpful.
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    The application process is generally the same. A few slight differences:

    (1) You need to submit your first semester college transcript (or entire college transcript of you've been at college more than a semester). USNA won't make a decision on college applicants until after they see that transcript in January.

    (2) USNA prefers recommendations from college English and math profs. If you are in a huge lecture course such that your prof doesn't know you from the 300 other kids in your class, they will accept h.s. teacher recs.

    (3) Being in a 4-yr college helps over a 2-yr. Those attending community colleges for financial reasons should make USNA aware of that. I won't lie and say that attending MIT would probably stand out over, say, Middle Tennessee State (not to denigrate MTS). However, as a general rule, a 4-yr college is a 4-yr college.

    (4) It is CRITICAL that you take as many of the plebe courses (calc, chem w/lab, English, history) that you can and get As in them. One B might not hurt but the more Bs you get -- or Cs, the less chance you have.

    (5) If your SATs/ACTs were fine, no need to retake them. If they were low, you might want to retake them. My PERSONAL view is that, if you had in the range of 650/650, you're ok, provided you get As in college. But that's only a personal opinion, NOT necessarily the view of USNA. You might want to check with your RD regarding whether it makes sense for you to retake them.
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    What tha?

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