applying from overseas


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Jul 29, 2007
I currently live in san diego but will be pcsing with my family (both parents are active navy) next summer to Rota Spain. I was just wondering if anybody had any insight on what it will be like from applying overseas. Though we will be living on base and I will be attending a Dodea school I've heard that the process is slightly different? Though I do have good contacts at the academy (ie Mike Schofield, John Morrison, Tina Bradley, and one of the admissions officers is a good Family friend) :confused:

Also I was at the academy playing water polo this summer during I-week it was incredible to watch everything. I got the chills so bad when I was watching the swearing in. It was amazing
I've heard that the process is slightly different?

I can't imagine why it would be any different. SATs will probably be offered less often than stateside so you will have to make a little more effort to ensure that you are at your peak there. Just take the highest level math, chemistry, and physics courses which the school offers. Get involved in an EC. Play sports. Look for ways to demonstrate leadership potential or ability. The admissions board will note your circumstances and adjust accordingly. I am most positive that your situation will not be a detriment to your package. You should do fine.

Good luck.
From a DoDMERB standpoint, once you are placed into the DoDMERB system by the academy, DoDMERB will send you a package containing all the forms needed for the physical examination. It will be up to you to get the physical examination scheduled at the medical clinic in Rota.
Also, your parents will have established permanent residency somewhere. That location is where you will apply for your congressional and senatorial nominations. They will make provisions for your interview.