Applying to West Point as a college sophomore

Discussion in 'Military Academy - USMA' started by aexc400, Dec 9, 2013.

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    I'm currently a freshman in college. I applied to West Point during my senior year and was QNS. I received an AROTC scholarship to a top ranked private university and am having success in the ROTC program. I didn't apply to WP again this year, but as the news of the ROTC branch selection and active duty slots diminishing is coming out, I am considering applying to WP again next year. I know I want to be an active duty officer and I am afraid that no matter what success I have in ROTC I will end up with a reserve officer position during my senior year because of the downsizing of the Army. Is it worth it to go through 6 years of college and apply to WP my sophomore year to guarantee my active duty status? Or should I just keep going with AROTC? Thank you.
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    ROTC is still going to have the bulk of active duty commissions for the Army. If you think you are going to fall below the cut line for ROTC, what reason would West Point have to take you above someone else?
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    Sure its worth it. I did it. Your reasoning for service sounds fine. You will be older than most of your class mates but not all. Many come in from prior service or did what you did. I recommend that you start retaking SAT and SAT tests now. Also, start working on your fitness level. I know it was a shock trying to get back in shape for West Point without the benefit of high school athletics. Start now so the CFA next year is not that difficult.

    West Point likes to see college students take classes similar to plebe year courses. If you haven't already, take Calculus, Lab Chemistry, Physics, English, History next semester (You probably can't take that many courses, just don't take a class West Point won't value in the admissions process). You should aim for all As.

    Good luck.
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    I'm a sophomore in college and in Army ROTC, third time applying to USMA. Not on scholarship though.

    ROTC will still have active slots though. If you keep doing well in the program, get high grades, you'll have no problem getting active. The majority of the seniors in my battalion that wanted active got active, and they did so by doing well in ROTC and school.

    Also, unless you're dead set on what you want to do as an officer, keep in mind your goals may change. We have some cadets that were fully intent on getting active duty, but now want to/did pursue Guard or reserve because of excellent civilian job offers that popped up.
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    I thought about this for a day or two, because it is such a personal question and hits home for me. I’ve had the same conversations at home and I know there are a few readers who never say a peep but read here often looking for an answer.

    There is a cross roads, for those who are not selected but continue to move forward in their education. After a year of college, taking a workload and class schedule similar to the first year of Plebe, then yes re-apply to an academy. You are demonstrating you can handle the academic pressures. If you re-apply for a second time and you are not selected, then you have a life changing decision to make. Your have invested half your time towards your four year degree. How much more do I want to repeat? What do I want out of my education? If finding tuition is increasing more out of reach, there are many avenues to find grants, scholarships, employment and ROTC programs out there. You just need to dig further, because most of the low hanging fruit has been picked.

    If you still have that strong desire to service as an officer, I would encourage you to finish your third and fourth year of school. Then apply for OCS. You have invested too much energy by your third year.

    You’re in a great position because you’re on a ROTC scholarship take advantage of this. In the near future these scholarship will be cut back, if not already.

    From my area, there have been one or two applicants who have re-applied for a third time and were accepted. I think it’s a huge decision, but my hats off for them.

    Unfortunately, this is a decision you’re going to have to make on your own.

    Push Hard, Press Forward
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    ^^^ Wise words, as usual, from Tug.

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