Appointment Lettters??

Mindy G

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Jun 30, 2008
Do the appointments dribble in or are they sent out in waves? Do they come regular mail or FedEx like USMMA? I just want to know what to look out for and realize that we may not hear until April. All of my son's pieces are in and he is 3q'd so we wait....
Mine two years ago came US Mail. I received it the end of November but that is early. Most of my friends heard end of Feb and into March. I do not think there really is any pattern.
My AFA appointment just came USPS, and if you've got a LOA and nom, don't expect the letter in a hurry. USNA tends to be a little slower on that. I completed the LOA-nom combo for both on Dec. 5. I got my AFA appointment packet the day after Christmas, but I'm still waiting on Navy. I think they took the holiday break off, and this is high season for the admissions office. Just be patient. (btw, I hate that phrase too. I heard it a lot in 2008)