Appointment Package?


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Nov 9, 2008
Has anyone received the the appointment package yet? No, I'm not talking about the letter because I already have that. I'm anxious to see what's in it :rolleyes:
what do you mean by package? I got a packet with an appointment letter, forms, bank info, orientation info, etc in it today. I didn't know anything else was coming. :confused:
If you read the acceptance letter, it's in the 3rd paragraph. It says, "If you accept this offer, we will send your appointee kit containing additional travel and inprocessing information in February."
It's very misleading. The package is what you received your appointment letter in. If, you accept it, there will be lots more information coming. You will be sending a lot of paperwork back and forth. Eye prescription, travel requirements, some of the forms that need to be sent back. But basically; what you received with the appointment letter is the package. As nordic said; forms, bank info, orientation info, security check, etc.... FWIW; my son received a lot of duplicate info. He received the booklet at least 3 times. You'll receive that at least 1 more time. Next time it will have your P.O Box number on it. congrats. later... mike.....
i havent received anything since the Offer, looking forward to more stuff though...