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Dec 18, 2008
I am from Illinois, a state that has not filled it's quota in 15 years. If I can get the minimum ACT scores, will I automatically be appointed because the quota is not filled?
To be blunt...Nope. Variables Winga, variables. Much will depend on what you have packed into your "resume" (aka the application). Leadership will play a role, your past & present classes will play a role, your SAT/ACT will play a role. I feel sure that you already know all that stuff but its no where near some kinda "gimme" for an appointment in IL - if I am understanding your question correctly. 100% of your appointment won't run on meeting a quota per say. They will work for you if they want you. Your chances of getting in will be better with less competition in your state but you have to have the things KP is looking for. No one here is on the KP admissions board so cannot answer your question officially. Just keep doing your best. Busy yourself with stuff. Enjoy your last year being a kid (you might think things are stressful now but WOW just wait.). Practice hugging your Mom. :smile: Get your issues fixed with DODMERB if you have not done so already. I saw you were working on it. Good job btw! Mr. Mullen is awesome. Call KP with updates on any awards or with things you think might interest them even things like taking on a part time job. Let them be aware if your main goal is to be there. Stress it to the max if it is. KP & any of the Academies will take 150% & pretty much your entire heart & soul. Once there, it takes a special kind of person to stay & see it through & they know this & want to see YOU have what it takes. You need to make them understand that you are one of those types. Keep your head up. There is still time left on the clock for this year. Hang tough! Finger crossed for you big time. Keep us all advised as to how its going.