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Jun 15, 2006
Our son recently received a LOA from USNA. Here, in part is what it said, "...that your guaranteed offer of appointment is contingent upon completing all of your remaining admissions 1 March 2007 (emphasis mine)..." The Medical Qualification box is marked. His DQ is for braces which the ortho said in a letter to DoDMERB will be off by 30 April.

The DoDMERB website says,
"Current Medical Status: Pending Waiver Submission/Review
R250.10 - Pending waiver review by USNA"

Okay, here are my questions. Should my son sit tight and wait for the results of the Pending Waiver Review by USNA? Or should he be a little more proactive (not wanting to miss the 1 March deadline) and call his Admission Team as suggested in the second to last paragraph of LOA, "If you have any questions concerning your candidacy..."? He certainly doesn't want to be a bother to them, but he also doesn't want to miss this opportunity for an Appointment.

Thanks, in advance, for your help.
From my understanding the requirement that everything be completed by 1MAR does not include medical. I would call the admissions office to confirm that though just to be sure. The waiver process can take some time, but when you call admissions you can also check to make sure your son's name has been passed to the wavier authorities for them to process his package for the wavier.

Congratulations to your son for his conditional acceptance! I can see no reason why a wavier would not be granted.
Thanks RetNavy. Son called Admissions -- lady not there, told to e-mail her -- which he did. In the meantime, he called DoDMERB who gave him the number for USNA medical office. The person at the medical office told him that since he has a LOA his stuff is bumped to the front and sent to the reviewing doctor. Looks like the bottom line is -- son gets to sit tight and wait. :rolleyes:

On a little different note, RetNavy, I would like for you to know what a great help you have been to us. I appreciate all of the time you dedicate to this forum and your excellent advice!!

Thank you :angel: !!
Hey, were you one of the little rascals? I loved you!! :worship:

We all concur with your analysis of RetNavy. A pretty darn good dude! :thumb:

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