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Jan 14, 2007
Hey guys- I'm fairly new to the site and was refferred here by several other people who said you guys could help answer my question! Alright basically... I have been nominated to USMA and my Liason Officer said that he was 99.99% sure I would be attending a Civil Prep school or going straight to USMA this summer-- that is as long as medical checks out. As of right now, we are having some problems passing my feet problems through. I have bad arches, although I am very athletic and wear orthodics, which don't limit me doing anything in any way whatsoever. I am worried that this will not pass through DODMERB even though it's not a huge deal. Any advice on what to do, or whether or not it will pass? Suggestions to help it pass?? THanks!!!

Unfortunately DoDMERB will have to disqualify you for the following: Current symptomatic pes planus (acquired, congenital) or history of pes planus corrected by prescription or custom orthotics.

This is a "history of" disqualification, which means that if at any time in your life you have had this, it is a disqualification.

Now for the good news. This disqualification is easily waived if, while wearing the orthotics, you have no problems, and your pes planus (flat feet) does not restrict you from normal activities.

So when you get the disqualification letter from DoDMERB, do not panic, just wait for the waiver authority to make a determination. For USMA it is forwarded automatically to the wavier authorities.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask away!