Are eating disorder waivers nonexistent?


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Jun 29, 2016
Hi there,
I'm a rising Junior hoping to apply to USMA next year, but I was recently battling an eating disorder throughout my sophomore year. Physically and mentally preparing myself to apply to USMA has been a key factor in my recovery and I am absolutely determined to beat this on the first shot. I haven't found a lot of information on waivers for ED, except for the fact that they're practically impossible to obtain. Has anyone ever heard of someone obtaining a waiver for an eating disorder? If my PSAT scores are any indication of my SAT score this fall, my test scores and grades are highly qualifying and I have leadership positions in sports and extracurriculars. Is there any way I can prove my mental/medical stability in the remaining time I have? I know with my circumstances, including the issue being so recent, I'm pretty much done at this point, but I'm going to continue to pursue a nomination even if there's the slimmest chance of obtaining one. Any information or tips are greatly appreciated.
Zoe -- I am NOT a doctor.

Here is the link to the DoD Instruction DoDMERB will use to determine whether you are qualified medically or "DQ" :

Unfortunately items "k" & "l" on page 48 would seem to indicate you are correct that an eating disorder would be considered "DQ"

The following link is to a letter that was posted in 2015 listing unwaiverable conditions for Army ROTC. This letter is now out of date and I have not seen an update posted. I have also not seen such a letter for USMA. Army ROTC and USMA are 2 different medical waiver authorities, but it is likely they have similar policies: medical conditions.pdf

Item "f" on page 1 of the letter lists an "eating disorder" that "lasted longer than 3 months after the age of 13" as an unwaiverable condition

You don't have to answer these question here -- none of my business -- but who determined you had an eating disorder? How long did the disorder last? If the eating disorder was medically determined then you should probably consult with that medical provider about your goals. You will probably have an "up hill battle" to obtain a waiver, but the medical documentation your doctor can provide about when it started, its severity, how long it lasted, and how you are doing will no doubt be key to a favorable determination by any military medical waiver authority.

Sincere best wishes
Thanks for responding, Falcon.
I self determined my eating disorder and sought professional help with my parents. My eating disorder was 6 months and I was 16. Obviously, the odds are stacked against me with this information. But once again, I'm going to try if there's even a chance!
Thanks again!
Zoe -- here is link to DoDMERB Consultants

I have not used them. Some folks think they are great...

You might consider having your parents contact them for advice on this question.
Is there any news or updates on this situation? I am in a very similar situation and am wondering how things have gone.
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