Are the Application and Nomination processes separate?

Discussion in 'Naval Academy - USNA' started by Machdude, Dec 20, 2012.

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    My BGO said people get Noms without completing their apps all the time, but I got an email from my senator saying I couldn't be considered unless I had my application completed (still need interview, BGO... is busy).

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    Individual MOC's can run the selection process anyway they want. It sounds like your MOC wants to make sure they don't waste a nomination by giving one to someone that never completes their application.
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    Not sure what you're asking for help with. Your U.S. senator has informed candidates he/she will not consider candidates for a nomination UNLESS the app is complete. That is his/her specific, non-generalizable requirement. If you intend to pursue that nomination, do as instructed. Period.

    However, as your BGO has rightly informed you, generally, a completed application is NOT required to pursue a nomination. Many applications are "in progress" as candidates pursue the nomination.

    Indeed, generally speaking, seeking eligibility for appointment (becoming 3Qed ... medically, physically, scholastically) and seeking a nomination are distinct, if not totally disconnecte processes. Each nominator may have specific requirements or expectations that another may not.

    Welcome to the confounding world of USNA appointment-seeking! :wink:
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    Hoping to simplify the situation for you... the application to USNA is entirely separate from your application for a nomination. As noted above, your MOC controls his/her nomination process from application to awarding the noms. The confusion seems to arise from a less than complete understanding of the terminology and the processes themselves. The processes tend to run parallel in time and information that is being requested. If you have any questions about the nomination process call the local office of your MOC. If you have questions about your application to one of the SA's contact your BGO, ALO, etc. Best wishes

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